Friday, February 6, 2015

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Sewing Projects

After taking a break from sewing, I've returned and happily tackled a few small projects.  I had a request for a marker case, which lead to another request for a marker case.  There are a few different ways to place the zipper in these and so I decided to take an approach different from how I did the one in Allie's last year.  The first one didn't really turn out how I wanted it to.  The second one was better but I'm still not settled on which way is the best.



This one was snatched up before I could take photos of it.


My zipper foot has seemingly disappeared into thin air and so I had to sew these together without it.  My sewing area is a jumble of stacked piles of fabrics and desperately needs a good cleaning but so do a lot of other areas in the house so it remains messy.  Maybe the zipper foot is in there somewhere.  I don't know where else it could be, except for in the belly of a vacuum cleaner.


Hard to believe (or maybe not) but more snow, as in possibly over a foot of it, is coming our way again beginning Saturday, ending Monday.  Or Tuesday.  I'd like to know where we're going to put it.  The commuter trains and the subway system have both been a mess since the blizzard last week.  Every train I've been on has had delays and some trains have been outright canceled.  What?  You thought you were going home tonight the way you came in?  The list of excuses includes: switch problems, frozen doors, mechanical issues, signal problems, snow, equipment shortages and heavy ridership.  Traffic has been a nightmare as well.  It took a friend of mine over an hour one night just to exit the parking garage.  The city just can't handle additional snow right now.  To boot, the weather has been of the arctic kind.  Freezing cold.  I have a pair of waterproof boots and they're great in that my feet have always stayed dry but they aren't exactly warm, winter boots so I've been doubling up on socks and slightly regretting my decision to not buy real deal snow boots.





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