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Hi, my name is Sarah and this is my blog.  My husband, Rich, and I have four beautiful daughters.  Our oldest, Abigail Ruth, was born still in June 2006.  The doctors could not identify a reason for her death.  In an odd twist of fate, I became pregnant with spontaneous identical triplets a few months after Abbey's death.  They weren't discovered until a routine ultrasound at 17 weeks.  Against the odds, Allie, Anna and Emily were born at 35 weeks, 6 days gestation in April 2007

Although I'm a geeky CPA by trade, I often play the part of professional photographer, costume designer or cruise director.

This blog documents the joys and struggles of raising identical triplets along with Anna's journey with spina bifida.  Along the way, I'll throw in some photography and sewing.

Thanks for stopping by!

I can be reached at thegreatumbrellaheist at yahoo dot com.


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