Sunday, July 5, 2015


I'm sad to see this holiday weekend come to an end.  We spent the better part of last week up in New Hampshire and I feel like I need a few days to recover before returning to work.

The girls all had tadpoles this spring in their classrooms.  As the school year came to an end, the tadpoles were raffled off via names picked out of hats.  Emily won hers first (Biggie Smalls) and then Anna brought home Taddy.  Sadly, Biggie Smalls passed away after a week.  I'm wondering if he was a runt as Emily told me he was the smallest one.  Emily was so heartbroken.  The sadness spilled over to Allie and Anna.  Admittedly, I was a bit upset too - I had grown to like the little guy.

Biggie and Taddy had been sharing a tank in Emily's room.  The night after Biggie passed on, I asked Emily if she wanted me to move the tank to Anna's room so as to not further upset her.  Anna came over to me crying and said, "No. She can have it."

"She can have what?" I asked.

"My tadpole."









(The kids tell me this should be our Christmas card photo this year.)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wrapping up the school year

The school year ended in a somewhat rushed, bittersweet manner.  It seems like that last week takes forever to arrive and then when it does, the end is so fast.  The girls all liked their teachers and I've already heard some anxiety over who their new teachers will be.  Allie's teacher went out on medical leave two months ago.  You may not remember but the same thing happened in kindergarten.  It was tough for Allie and god bless her teacher.  She tried to figure out a way to stay through the end but for her health, it was best that she not be in the classroom.  The substitute teacher was fantastic and made the transition easy for the kids.

I want to make sure the kids keep up with math this summer.  Reading isn't a chore for them so I have no concerns there.  They had accumulated $35 each in Barnes and Noble gift cards so we headed there this weekend to stock up on books.  A definite benefit of having two sisters at the same reading level is three times the books!  We have plenty of math sheets but they need to be distributed in an organized manner.  I learned that lesson last summer.

I wasn't able to take photos on the last day so we cheated and took some the day before.




First day of second grade photos:



Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tooth drama and dancing

Sometimes your front baby tooth is loose for months and months.

You wiggle it and try to pull it out but it just won't budge.

It won't come out for your sister.


Or the dentist.

Because Allie's adult tooth had come in behind the baby tooth and couldn't move forward, the dentist decided to pull the baby tooth.  We had our first experience with novocaine.  Hoping not to repeat anytime soon.




I may as well make this a Spotlight on Allie post.  The other night she asked if we could go shopping for clothes this summer.  Shopping for . . .?  School clothes?  We can do that.  She says she wants clothes with sparkles, neon colors or tutus.  I was actually thinking of a tutu-like skirt the other day. . .


Post evening swim dance photos:





(my favorite)


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Our TODAY Show Experience

The first week in June, while riding the train home from work, I received an email from a producer at NBC.  She stated she was working on a segment that discussed multiples and identity and was interested in speaking with me.  I assumed she came across my blog while researching multiples and wanted to ask me some questions that would aid her in pulling together the segment.  The thought of being featured on the show didn't cross my mind.

That night, I spent a few minutes checking online to see that she really was a producer at NBC.  (She is! Unfortunately, I'm a bit skeptical nowadays when it comes to the internet.)  I responded that I would be interested in talking with her but with work, nights and weekends would be easier for me.  At the time, I had a lot of meetings on my work calendar.  The next day, I chaperoned a field trip for Allie's class.  As the bus pulled onto the school's street, I received an email from Lindsay, the producer, saying that she was at her desk and had time to talk.  The timing was perfect.  I had about an hour before the girls would be released from school, so I sat in my car in the school parking lot and called her.

The conversation went really well.   Lindsay asked a ton of questions, as I suspected she would, but she was such an easy person to converse with, very personable and full of energy.  I immediately liked her. At the end of the call, she told me that she would like to film us for the segment.  My first thought was there's no way we can go to NY but then she said that they would come to our home.  I needed to talk it over with Rich and most importantly, the girls.


I explained it all to the girls and they immediately responded with YES in chorus.  Then Anna added, "only if the people are nice."  So then came the difficult part of scheduling the filming, which they needed to do the next week.  I had work commitments, meetings that I 100% could not miss.  There was also the girls' last ballet class, field day, their gymnastics show and then the dance recital with dress rehearsal.  Plus, I didn't want them to miss a full day of school.  We finally agreed upon late Thursday afternoon and I started cleaning the house again.  Although at one point, I was so tired of cleaning I told Rich I was just going to leave it the way it was.  It's real life.  That got Rich cleaning.

So Thursday rolls around and it's 90 degrees, hazy and humid.  I spent the entire morning cleaning.  By the time Lindsay and the camera and lighting guys arrived, I was so tired.  Can you tell that I hate cleaning?  I feel like it's all I do and if I don't do it, it takes forever to get back to clean. I had given up on the playroom.  I wasn't even going to bother but Grammy came over later in the day to help and picked it up for me, which worked out well as they decided to film the girls' interview in there.


We had a fun time with the interviews and filming.  Everyone was just so nice and relaxed.  The girls having their own identity is something that comes up quite often here (I was actually working on a blog post about recent events when this came about) and I think it's awesome that the girls were able to be a part of a TV segment on that very subject.  


We had a tentative air date and time but we decided that we wouldn't announce it (FB or blog) until it actually happened, for a few different reason, one being in case it didn't air.  You never know what will happen with the world, on the news, etc.  Thursday night, the week before, I received some emails from readers here and FB messages from family and friends asking if they had just seen the girls in a promo spot for the Today Show.  I was floored.  I don't know what I was thinking, but I never expected that many people to see it.

You can view the segment HERE.

It was definitely a cool experience.  The girls loved it and wished that the segment had been longer.  As long as it featured more of them and not me!  They are the real stars.

(And in case you're wondering, the girls chose their own outfits.  I thought it was so cute that Anna insisted on wearing her Easter dress.)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Dance Recital

I'll begin with some superstar shots.  We went for ice cream after the dress rehearsal and there was a kid sunglass shortage, so I shared.




Because I had to keep assisting Allie with costume changes, I stayed backstage and helped wrangle kids.  At this age, there's no need for "backstage" moms but next year, I may create a "stage" mom role as the perfectionist in me can't stand to see belts tied on the right when the outfit listing specifically says it should be tied on the left.