Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hey girl

Anna:  "Starting now, I'm not going to eat any meat or seafood.  Except for turkey, ham, bologna and chicken nuggets."

Me:  "Ooookay.  What about hamburgers?"

Anna:  "No.  Is there any other meat I'm missing?"

Me:  "What about meatballs?"

Anna:  "Oh, yeah.  I really like meatballs.  Add those to the list of meat I will eat."


"He must be in the 90 percent aisle."

"She has to be in the 1,000 percent aisle."


Anna:  "This is the dad. (a stuffed animal zebra)  This is the mom. (a zebra)  This is the big brother. (a zebra)  This is the sister. (a zebra)  And this is the little brother."  (a reindeer)

Me:  "Oh, was he adopted?"

Anna:  "No."

Me:  "He wasn't adopted?  Where did he come from then?"

Anna:  "From the mom."  (holds up the zebra mom)

Me:  "Oh.  Who is the dad?"

Anna:  "The dad."  (holds up the zebra dad)

Me:  "But a zebra and a zebra makes a zebra.  Not a . . . reindeer."

Anna:  "This is Toy Land.  Anything can happen."


Birthday card from classmates.  The girls think Owen's message is hysterical.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Running forward. Spring.

The weather this past weekend gave us our first taste of spring.  It was warmish on Saturday and warmer (65ish degrees) on Sunday.  Sunday (coincidentally, the girls' birthday) was gorgeous.  Probably the best day, weather-wise, that we've seen thus far in 2015.  The girls, unfortunately, were distracted by new toys/crafts/stuff and weren't too interested in playing outside for long.



It was even warm enough for me to run outside on Sunday and if you know me, it basically has to be what most runners would consider too warm before I'll run outside.  I've picked up running so many times this year and had to break after a week, sometimes two weeks, sometimes one run because of illness, my back, whatever.  I've been running three times a week now for 3 weeks and my "long" run on Sunday was going to be 1.5 miles.  Yeah, super long.  I'm easing back into it.  I ended up running 2 miles - the first mile was in 10:40 and the second was 11:05.  I didn't feel so bad about myself afterwards but I can still feel it in my calves 48 hours later.

Saturday night, the girls and I checked out the pond that we all refer to as a lake.  Without the sun out, the air had chilled considerably.  Rich's brother told us that only in the past week or so were they able to actually see the water.  







Monday, April 13, 2015

Happy birthday. You're eight years old now.

Allie's class has a Student of the Week program that coincides with the student's birthday, so Allie was the student of the week last week.  So what does one do when one is the student of the week?  The kids share posters with pictures of family, friends and anything else they want to share.  Parents are invited to join the class and talk about their jobs or something interesting specific to the student.  I didn't think that second graders would be too interested in tax returns - hey kids, the government's gonna take some of the money you make - so I decided to talk about triplets and what it was like when Allie and her sisters were babies.  Allie had told me that sometimes kids at school say to her, "I saw your twin," and she was hoping that I would be able to clear that up.  Hmmmmm, not sure that I did.

Allie's teacher asked me what's the best part of having triplets.  I didn't really think about the question before responding, which I hope is a good thing.  I said that that the best part is being to watch them grow up together and seeing the special bond that they share.  It's a bond that they don't even realize exists because they don't know any different.  (Now, the funny part is that they sure can press each other's buttons but they do so because they are so close and they know each other so well.  I'm just going to keep telling myself that.)

Saturday night after the girls' birthday party with friends, we attended a birthday party for Rich's brother.  Allie had been upstairs with me and when we returned to the dining room, she discovered that Auntie P had asked Anna and Emily to help place the 6 and the 0 candles on the cake.  Allie exclaimed, "But there's nothing for me to do!"  Anna immediately handed Allie her candle and said, "Here, Allie.  You can put it on the cake."  I hugged Anna and told her that she had done a very nice thing.  She started weeping and said, "I don't even know why I'm crying."  (Auntie P is super awesome and she had a job for Anna making sure the candles were both lined up.)

When the girls were younger, and even sometimes today, most strangers seem to focus on the difficulties of raising triplets.  How do you do it?  But every once a while, someone comes along and says, "Wow, what a miracle.  You are blessed." And I really am.










Emily asked for breakfast in bed on her birthday.  Anna followed suit.  I have no clue where she came up with the idea but hey, you're only eight once.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Project 30 (Part I)

I've always stayed away from photography projects like 365s where you have to take a picture a day and post it because my life is so regimented and controlled as it is (Hello, I'm a CPA.  Where's your suit?  Do you feel like that green nail polish is appropriate?) and I've always said that I don't want anything related to this blog to be that way.  But here I am in an attempt to pick up my camera more and so I thought up Project 30.  Well, I'm sure someone else has had the idea before me and I'm just copying it.  Project 30 was supposed to be exactly as it sounds - a photo a day for the 30 days in the month of April.  At first I thought it would be cool to restrict myself to one lens but that lasted for two days.  I honestly don't know what I was thinking with that idea.  And then just one photo wasn't working either because I was taking more than one and it seemed weird to post the others separately.  And then I blew the every day thing when I found myself on Day 3 focused on trying to get a run in with all the nighttime chaos and forgot to take a photo.

So, anyway, here's my first batch . . .











Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Just some stuff

Sometimes I feel like my heart may implode from simple things.  Like the way Anna draws butterflies.  Or the positioning of Allie's hands when she's holding something. (I know.  Sounds weird.)  Or over how upset Emily becomes when reading a sad book, such as Paddington.  (Thanks a lot, Easter Bunny.)  There's also the feeling of exploding, mainly my head, when I have three kids coming at me from different directions with different stories and they all want my attention now.  

I can't believe we are through one week of April already.

Okay, now for some pictures.





I caught the fox in the yard one morning looking for breakfast.



Since going full frame, I haven't felt the need to use my Speedlight like I used to.  The 750 can handle the higher ISO like a champ.  Here's the exif data for the above photo:
ISO 1600
SS 1/100

I started a photo project last week.  I hope to get a post about it and some more photos up sometime this week.