Monday, August 18, 2014

A shortage of meds and a concert

Anna's been taking a low dose of bactrim to prevent bladder/kidney infections for about a year now.  She had been bactrim-free for about three years but after that nasty bladder infection last July, her urologist prescribed it again.  I can't say that I was thrilled with that but it's extremely difficult to have a conversation with her doctor because he points out the obvious - preserving her kidneys - and so she has remained on bactrim.  He had originally discussed reducing the dosage and taking her off it after a few months but because we are still working on other things, she has remained on bactrim.

About a month ago, our local pharmacy didn't have enough supply to refill her prescription so we had to go to the pharmacy in the next town over.  And then they ran out.  Apparently, there's a shortage of bactrim.  Who would have thought that possible?  I don't know why I'm surprised given how we've experienced cath kit issues.  Although, I think that had more to do with the incompetent supplier.  So, because of the shortage, Anna's prescription was changed to a daily low dose of amoxicillin instead.  I sometimes feel like it's a lose/lose situation.  We don't want to risk another infection but who wants their kid on daily antibiotics?

Last Friday morning, Anna had her bi-annual urology appointment at Big City Hospital.  Rich and I drove in with her so that we could both attend and then I could head off to work.  The appointment consisted of ultrasound scans of her kidneys and bladder and then a follow up with her urologist.  The good news is that her kidneys look fine and he did agree to reduce the amoxicillin in-take to every other day.  The could-be-worse news is that he wants a VCUG performed, seeing as the last one was three years ago.

Rich drove Anna home after the appointment, worked for a few hours and then drove back into the city for our once a year date night.  The Goo Goo Dolls, along with Daughtry, were playing at the outdoor pavillion, which has changed names numerous times, over in the Seaport area.  Now that I think I know where my office is moving to, we checked that out too.  (Not looking foward to the new commute, unless it's shorter than my current commute, but I have a feeling it won't be.)  We grabbed dinner at Jerry Remy's restaurant because it had the shortest wait time - 45 minutes - and then headed to the show.  We missed most of the opener - not much we could do about that. Daughtry was good and of course, the Goo Goo Dolls were the best.  My kids know who they are because they're my most favorite band ever.  The first time I saw them live was December 31, 1998. On a whim, I flew out to Arizona for a New Year's Eve show and the love has never stopped.

I was so tired that I was in bed, asleep by 8:30 Saturday night.  Yesterday was Falmouth Road Race Day (Rich ran) and I finally finished the top of Allie's Elsa dress.  I thought I had the lace trim that I wanted to finish the bottom but I don't so that project's on hold until I can get to the store.  I hope to have some Cape pictures posted sometime this week and maybe some sewing projects, if I can wrap up something (anything!) without needing to go to the store, which I never have time to do!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

There's always something

On swearing:

Allie:  "Why did you just say a bad word?"

Me:  "I didn't say a bad word.  What did I say?"

Allie:  "The S word."

Me:  "No, I didn't."  (I didn't.)

Allie:  "Well, sometimes you say it in your head.  Don't you?  I can tell."

On boy bands:

Allie:  "In One Direction, is there a guy named Harry?"

Me:  "I have no idea.  Why are you asking?"

Allie:  "At the party, S, K and T were talking about One Direction.  'Harry's my favorite.  Harry's my least favorite.'"

Me:  "Oh."

Allie:  "I said, 'Who is this Harry person?'"

Me:  "That's a good question."

Allie:  "I think they should be called Zero Direction."

On wearing work clothes while I'm not at work:

Anna:  "Aren't you going to change clothes before we go get ice cream?"

Me:  "No.  We don't really have time.  I can just wear this."

Anna:  "But the workers are probably going to wonder why you look so fancy."

On playing Barbies with Emily:

Anna:  "She's supposed to be a worker at the snow cone place, not catching people jumping off the building."

(Apparently, the applicant had to pass a series of challenges, including catching bungee jumpers, before she was offered a position at the snow cone place.)

On fashion:

Allie:  "I'm a purple skirt kind of girl."

On technology:

Allie:  "Don't you know that the best way to communicate is by talking.  Not texting.  (In a mimic-like voice) I'm going to text this person.  I'm going to text that person.  He hasn't texted me back yet."

On band names:

Emily:  "When I was little, I thought that the Goo Goo Dolls were dolls, like the ones in It's a Small World."

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Behind the scenes

The latest thing for the girls is intentional photo bombing.  So here's what was really going on as I was taking photos of Allie in her Eeyore dress.


Yup, one of them is wearing pajamas.  We love pajamas here.


Thankfully, they didn't realize that tag teaming would have been more effective so I simply waited for them to run out of the frame and then took the picture.

Can you believe that some of the leaves here have started to turn?  NOOOO.  It's much to early for fall.  We've had a cool summer - especially at night.  Unfortunately, it's been pretty dry so the lawn is fried.  The pool water is much too chilly for me and there really hasn't been "beach" weather.  I'm going to be so sad when this non-summer ends as I was so looking forward to heat.

I've made decent progress on the girls' Frozen outfits but I have a short list of supplies I need in order to finish Emily's.  Have no idea when I'm going to get to the store though.  So I've been feeling blah and sluggish and TIRED for the past 3, 4, maybe 5 days and have only accomplished the bare minimum to get by in life. . .

I'm going to end this mini-post with a bit of a PSA.  I'm in the world of tax almost everyday and I didn't know about this latest IRS scam until it touched me.  Many others submerged in the world of tax with me didn't know about it either.  I usually don't read these warnings because I like to believe that I would never fall for something like this.  And I wouldn't.  But I know people you might or who would waste time with it.  So please read and if you have older relatives or friends, make sure they know about it.  They appear to be targeting the 70+ crowd right now.    


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Saturday, August 9, 2014

(Disney Sewing) Crystal Palace Outfits

We always seem to end up eating lunch at Crystal Palace (located in Magic Kingdom) and this upcoming trip will be no exception.  I gave the girls the option of choosing which characters they would want to represent (sounds like they are in some type of gang) and what they would want (dress? skirt? shirt only?)  I started with Emily's first, as it was the easiest.


Piglet on a tank top with a 3 layer maxi (I sometimes call them prairie) skirt.



Her photos also ended up being the easiest to take.


Allie's second love, after Elmo, is her stuffed Eeyore, so her choice was obvious.  This dress was a bit of an experiment.  I want to use the pattern for other dresses but wasn't quite sure how it would turn out.  I did make some adjustments to the original pattern and it was a perfect fit.




Anna is usually picky when I'm sewing something for her and it has to be made exactly to her specifications.  She went back and forth on what she wanted and surprisingly, ended up asking for the same shirt as Emily but with a simple skirt.  She doesn't like long skirts - I think they make it more difficult for her to get around.    


I've come to conclusion that perfect photography of clothes with 3 kids is near impossible.  First of all, they have to be clean, not for the photos but so that the clothes don't get ruined, and they have to cooperate, which they usually do.  There's just a lot of monkey business that goes on behind the scenes.   I'll have to post some of the photos so you can see exactly what I'm referring to.  And then I need to find somewhere to take the photos because that's just the way I am.  There's only one empty wall in the house and I've to move furniture and a rug so that isn't really a viable option.  The lighting for Emily's photos was perfect - the middle of an overcast, but not dark, day.  For Allie's and Anna's, it was much later in the day, and the light was just odd.  Oh, well.  Life isn't a photo shoot.

Up next - Frozen outfits.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More from the Cape

Whenever we're in the Hyannis area, we make it a point to eat at Baxter's.  Growing up, it wasn't very often that my family ate out so I always remember dinner there after a day at the beach.  Plus, I think the food's pretty tasty.




(Rich's lobsta roll.  I had the kid size serving of fish and chips.  Plus some of Rich's lobster.)

After lunch, we headed down toward the beaches past the harbor hoping to explore a new location.  Unfortunately, parking was $20 and since we only wanted to spend an hour or so there, we opted out.  On the harbor tour, one of the last "free" beaches had been pointed out to us.  It's free because there's no cost to park there or use the beach.

See those people to the right?


That's the beach.  It's tiny.  The area right in front there is a private beach, presumably for those houses behind the beach.  That's actually West Yarmouth.  Anyway, we were able to find a parking spot and hang out there for about an hour on the beach.  I was surprised to see people just parked, sitting in their cars watching the harbor traffic.  How easy it is to forget that there are people who have time to relax.  Despite its size, the beach was okay, except for the broken glass we found.  Emily, my little explorer, is still learning the difference between sea glass and broken glass and it's a bit unnerving when she holds up a piece of broken glass and asks, "Is this sea glass, Mama?"    






I call that one "Little Kid, Big Boat."





Thanks to the new (newish?) traffic time signs and my iPhone, we were able to avoid probably an hour's worth of traffic.  I am a smart phone believer now.

We hope to return for at least one more day trip this summer.  Corporation Beach and Coast Guard Beach (new beaches to us) are on our to-do list.

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