Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sewing project - Princess ballerina pouch, perfect for pip squeaks!

One of the difficulties with the girls in separate classrooms is explaining why those classrooms are different.  For example, Anna's room is warmly decorated and has some really neat reading spots.  We try to focus on the positive and the positive for Allie is that she has her own little desk.  There's an open shelf under the desktop and she's allowed to keep stuff in it, in addition to her school supplies.  They also have "free time" at least once a day.  Allie usually spends that time coloring with her friends.

The school supplied all of the kids with crayons but I found out that some kids had brought in their own markers to use during free time and Allie's friends were sharing with her.  Once I discovered this, I bought her a 64 pack of pip squeak markers.  I've been wanting to try to sew a bag for awhile now but haven't had the time.  So I made some time.



Many lessons were learned and hopefully, the next one will be easier.  I wanted to quilt it but didn't have enough time.


Allie loves it!  I completely guessed when it came to the sizing but it ended up the perfect fit for 61 pip squeaks.  (3 of them were "too bland" for Allie to bring to school.)


***  Edited to add a tutorial links:

I read through 10 or so tutorials before I sewed this pouch, which is really a large wristlet.  Here's a link to a tutorial for a wristlet that does a great job of showing how to sew a zipper.  And this wristlet tutorial shows how to make the tabs at the end of the zipper.


Debbie said...

Love, Love the bag. My Bailey would go crazy...I think my favorite part of this post though is hearing about the poor 3 markers that just didn't make the cut because of their "blandness".

nicole said...

I love the bag! Having twins myself, I am also explaining why each classroom is different. This is the first year we have them in separate room and although there are some "bad" days the transition seems to be going ok.

Sarah said...

What three colors didn't make the cut?

Ashlee said...

The bag is adorable! But my favorite part is that Allie went through the markers and took out 3...hilarious!

Sarah said...

Bland colors according to Allie - white and 2 shades of gray.

Sadia said...

I love that she rejected 3 markers!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, can you link to or provide instructions on how to make the bag for a novice at sewing? (I was typing sewer then realized that looked weird, lol.)

Sarah said...

Anon - I just got home from work. I'll see if I can find some links over the weekend and add them to the post. I kind of pieced together ideas from different tutorials but it will give you a start.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links!!! Going to try this as my next project for my daughter!