Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The weekend

Saturday morning.

The kids are up earlier than I expected.

CCD for the girls and Rich.

Failed nap attempt for me.

Shopping trip for birthday party presents.  And an anniversary gift for Rich.  The modern gift for nine years is a fruit fly trap.  In case you didn't know.

Three hour birthday party with all three kids invited.

Ten minutes back home to drop off two kids and change one into her leotard.

Birthday party #2 of the day for Allie and Mommy.

Blur of activity.


Sunday morning.


The kids sleep in a bit.  (I love sleep.)

Target shopping trip.  Halloween costumes are at the top of the list.

Find a $10 bikini top.  To wear under sundresses.  At beachy places.  Found a bathing suit at Old Navy last week on clearance for $4.47.

Visit with the brand new baby.  SO TINY.  SO CUTE.


Oh, there'll be more photos.  Trust me.

Fall.  In the rain.


Late lunch at Papa Gino's.  It took so long for our food, they shoved a free pizza at us.  Okay?  Thanks.


Homework with Allie.  The only one with homework over the weekend.

Halloween costume dress rehearsal.

Spider Girl.  Sometimes known as Super Girl.


We also have a pretty kitty and an Ariel.



5 mile run.


Blur of activity.  With laundry.




bearie1 said...

Wow, busy weekend. Mine was also and I yearn for a nice quiet Saturday. With sewing involved. I bet you do to.

I laughed about the fruit fly trap. Didn't know that was the 9 year gift these days. LOL. Anyway, you can also trap fruit flies with a small bowl of apple cider vinegar with a large dollop of dish soap. Put it wherever the fruit flies are (mine are always in the kitchen) and the little suckers will stop by for some apple juice and get trapped.

Ashley said...

The baby looks SO sweet and cuddly!

Oh don't worry, I feel the exact same way about Monday mornings. I am always dreading the sound of the alarm...

Cynthia said...

I completely misread the line about the anniversary gift ad saying that the modem gift for a nine year old was a fruit fly trap. I guess my mind got stuck on the bit about a birthday party!

I'm guessing Allie's SpiderGirl, Anna's the cat and Emily is Ariel?

Sarah said...

I would love an afternoon of sewing! I'll have to try that fruit fly trap. This is "all natural" and looks like a little apple. The girls told me that they saw a fruit fly look at it and fly off. lol

Anna is Ariel and Em is the cat!

Kalle said...

This post made me smile. Sounds a lot like my weekends some times - minus the kids sleeping in part and replace sewing (though I'm learning) with card making.

Love your blog.