Friday, October 11, 2013

A rough week

Between Monday and Thursday, I worked 45 hours.  I arrived home last night right before 10:00 PM.  I spend approximately 2.5 hours of my day commuting, which when working a normal 8 hour day isn't that big of a deal.  After working a 12 hour day, it's annoying.  I don't want to come off as a whiner or a complainer; I just want to keep it real.  And this is real.  I'm tired and frustrated.  The kids are upset that I haven't been home for four nights in a row.  Allie is a bit of a mess right now.  She asked me to chaperone an upcoming field trip, which falls on a day I absolutely 100% without a doubt cannot take off from work.  So I'm basically choosing my job (not work, my job) over her.  Something I never thought I would have to do.    

I have more than a half year's worth of vacation days to use before January 1st so I'll be home for a week in November and a week in December.  Most of those days are days the girls have off from school, which will give Grammy some vacation time and me time to spend with my kids.  I'm saving a few days to use if school events pop up in December.  At curriculum night, the music teachers announced that they have an open house during class, usually the week before Christmas, for parents.  That's something I want to attend.

On a whim, I decided to take a vacation day on Halloween, thinking that it would be nice to not have to rush to get home early.  I'll have plenty of time to help the girls with their costumes. Well, Emily's teacher sent home a note asking for volunteers for a class project that morning.  Perfect timing!  I volunteered.  Then Anna's teacher sends home a note looking for volunteers for the same class project but the day before Halloween.  I wasn't planning on using another vacation day that week, partially because of work stuff.  So now I feel like I'm choosing between my own kids, which is a really crappy feeling.

And it's not like I'm getting a big pat on the back for a job well done at work either.  My kids are mad.  Rich and Grammy are frustrated because this is difficult for them too.  I can't get anything done at home.  I can't run.  I'm left feeling completely empty.  The other morning when I left for work, Allie told me that she already missed me and I hadn't even walked out the door.

There's been a lot of change at work, which has lead to an extremely difficult year for many people.  It's easy to say hey, just get another job but that's not so easy to do (or the smart thing to do in my case right now) for several reasons.  Rich and I have a plan though.  And I'm done with overtime for the remainder of the year.  DONE. 

Allie's baby giraffe came to work with me yesterday to help out.  It made her smile.



Whitney said...

I'm assuming you must file lots of tax returns making this week so busy for you? I'm a CPA too...thankfully we have not had many personal extensions this late where I work, but for the 9/15 due date I was busting my butt to get things done! It's so hard when you have a husband and a baby (babies in your case) at home who need you too. For me, it's not so hard yet since my little guy doesn't understand...but I dread those days like you are facing right now! Hoping for better days ahead for you guys!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Whitney. Yes, I have about 150 returns due for 10/15. 9/15 wasn't much better. Thank goodness it's almost over.

Ashlee said...

I tried to think of something helpful to say but I've got nothing...hopefully things will be better after Tuesday (at least until January) for the rest of the year..

Leslie said...

Can you tell your girls you'll take turns volunteering in each of their rooms? Even if it's not a day the teacher has asked for help, as a former teacher, I know volunteers are always needed.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Ashlee.

Leslie - Yes! I told Allie that the next thing that comes up, I'll do. They welcomed volunteers all the time in kindergarten but 1st grade has been a bit different. Emily's room has mystery readers but Allie's doesn't, etc. I'm going to check with the teachers to see what's coming up. I also promised Allie that I would do my very best to chaperone at the next field trip (they usually do 2 a year.) Knowing my luck, that one will probably fall on April 15th. Unfortunately, Allie's focused on her 1st field trip only.

Lisa said...

Oof. That sounds rough all around. When one is working hard and trying hard, it's a lift to get kudos from any area of life. When nothing is awesome, it's really hard. I'm sorry your best efforts have you feeling like you're coming up short, but I want to give you a high five for keeping on. You can do it, and this extra-hard part will be over soon. I'm really impressed by everything you're pulling off. Hell, let's make it a double high-five. Wishing you a good weekend with your family.

maureen said...

I feel your pain, please don't beat yourself up over your choices or lack of. You always do the best you can and for the rest, you have to give yourself a little grace!

Before adopting my girls I worked in an office, (I am a Tax Accountant, not a CPA but I do all the same things, just don't have the credentials.) I remember all of the long days and nights and weekends.

In 2006 I started my own firm. I work out of my home. It isn't always easy. I still have deadlines, the 15th of something is always looming over me! *Smile*

But I think it is easier on the kids. They see me working and see clients come over to meet with me. They know I am not choosing work over them, and I'll bet your kids know that too! It just feels like they don't understand sometimes. But like I always tell them...someone has to work around here unless they want to give up eating!

So Happy October 15th! Then you'll have 2 1/2 months until year end!!!

BreezieGirl said...

I hope Baby Giraffe helped you too. :)

Anonymous said...

Is it too late to switch the girls to the same classroom or even Allie into Anna's (I remember you said her room was very warm and welcoming)?! I am kidding, kind of. Keep up the good work, the girls are lucky to have you for their mom! Holly

Sarah said...

I totally know what you are feeling. The twins started kindergarten this year, and with a 2nd grader as well, I'm feeling overwhelmed. The kids hate when I work late, and are dreading me taking a work trip next week.