Saturday, October 12, 2013


I went shopping yesterday at Old Navy.  By myself.  Without any time constraints.  Well, I obviously couldn't be there for three hours but otherwise, there was no need to check the time.  No need to worry about a kid pulling open the dressing room door while I have my shirt off.  The eyes on the back of my head could rest comfortably.  A rare occurrence.

My current wardrobe is pathetic and I'm at fault for not giving it the time it needs to develop into the wardrobe it used to be.  I've also become more practical and would rather save and occasionally spend money on a camera lens.  Rich says I'm like an old man because I basically wear things until they fall apart.  Like my spring/fall short trench coat he tossed in the trash.  (I still haven't found a replacement.)  I hate to complain about my body because it carried my girls for 36 very long weeks but my expanded rib cage and stretched out midsection are extremely difficult to dress.  More often than not, I leave a store empty handed.

As practical as I may be, I still need clothes.  I'm trying now to fill in some gaps in my summer clothing with clearance items.  I found another bathing suit at Old Navy for $5.  And that was all I could find besides socks, a scarf and some tank tops to wear under shirts.  But I made out like a bandit with clothes for the girls.  They desperately needed fall pajamas and I still hadn't purchased any new cooler weather clothes for them.  I stopped the practice of "buying ahead"about 2 years ago because I ended up with too much (we keep things until they don't fit) or items that didn't match or go with anything.  Yesterday, I did buy some things for next summer.  Their summer wardrobe this year was 80% of their summer wardrobe last year and I expect to pack up most of it before next spring.  When you see t-shirts for $2.50, it's hard to let them go.  Especially when buying for three.

Old Navy is having a super sale this weekend.  Be sure to get yourself to a store if you need any of what they sell.  I picked up 28 items for a grand total of $155.  Today, we found super soft jeggings in different colors at Target for $8 each.  They are in the baby/toddler section and go up to size 5T, which is a perfect fit for the girls right now.  The jeggings in the big girl section were way too big in the waist.    

Big closet clean outs coming soon. Mine needs to be on that list.  Ack.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,

Have you heard of 2nd hand clothes? I am a member of Multiples of America, a multiples club in my city/area. We organized a yearly “garage sale” or Everything 4 kids Sale. It is gently used clothes for kids up to 12 years old, baby stuff, toys and such. I’ve started shopping there 3 or 4 years ago and had found great bargains. Your city might have a similar club and they always have at least one sale a year. Once the kids outgrow the toys, furniture and especially clothes, you can sell them back at the club for a fraction of the cost. I, like you, hunt for bargains at the end of the season for next season.

I have 7 year old twins and it is a luxury to shop with no kids  Glad you enjoyed your time!


Anonymous said...

sorry, forgot to send you the link


esther said...

show us the closets when done!!! great job on getting good deals...that's how i try to shop for my twins, too :)

Maya said...

Just found your blog. I'm a working mom with 2yo b/g twins (and two older children, including a first grade girl). Love your writing and your "realness"--looking forward to reading more! --maya