Wednesday, February 4, 2015


"Do they have the same personalities?"


But a valid question seeing as they do have the same genetic makeup.  There are many factors that can generate differences in the personalities of identical multiples but I'm not going to go into that.  It happens.

The girls' personalities are similar but their differences, at times, dictate who pairs up or gets along better in that moment.  No one is ever left out.  Allie tends to follow the characteristics of the oldest child and is usually the leader.  She has a flair for drama, which can be both entertaining and exhausting.  Emily, the youngest, is most like Rich, laid back and easy going.  We always say that Anna is one of a kind.  She likes things to be her way and her way only.

Allie and Anna can clash but I've seen some softer moments between the two of them.  One day last week, they schemed to "sleep over" without telling anyone their plans until later that day.  When I questioned what exactly this sleep over would entail, I was told that Anna would be sharing Allie's bed with her.  My first thought was that this wouldn't make it past 8:00.


How cute is that?  Do you see that their heads are touching?

After I tucked them in, I retired to the couch in the family room and waited.  I was sure they would argue, mess around or cause a ruckus.  But there was nothing but silence.  Shortly after 8:00, they were both sound asleep.

At 11:00, I was awakened by a small hand on my side shaking me.  I rolled over to find Allie next to my bed.

"I want Anna out of my bed."

And so I moved Anna back to her own bed.  It lasted three hours longer than I thought it would.  

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