Monday, February 2, 2015

Another day, another winter storm

We were expecting it but I still wasn't quite ready to see more snow falling from the sky in generous amounts this morning.  A few inches had already accumulated when Rich and I left to check out the train situation.  Ah, the commuter rail trains.  Train alerts are available online but they are often (well, always) underestimated and half of what is reality.  For example, if the alert says that the train is 15-25 minutes late, it is really 30-45 minutes late.  And the alerts are never updated.



So off we went and as we sat there in the parking lot, which thank god I wasn't dropped off and abandoned there, I started to feel panicky about the whole situation.  Never mind the fact that the half mile hike to work in blizzard-like conditions was going to suck but how was I going to get home?  The trains have been somewhat unreliable lately (newish management) and I really wasn't in the mood to spend 4-5 hours of my day commuting.  By this time, I knew that two people who report to me and take the same train line were bailing and working from home.  I set a time and told Rich that if a train didn't show up, he could just take me back home.  He needed to get to work and didn't have the luxury of lounging around a train station parking lot for an hour.

I ended up back home, which I decided was the right call after trains coming home tonight were listed as delayed 60-90 minutes.



School for the girls was cancelled today and again for tomorrow.  They waited until tonight to cancel tomorrow, which means they were borderline on their decision.  Many, many students walk or are dropped off at the schools and the school system needs to ensure that everyone will remain safe.  There's a lot of snow out there and no where to put it.  I gave up on shoveling because I had to toss the snow on banks almost five feet tall.



Farah said...

Wow.... that is an insane amount of snow. In Georgia, we can barely handle a few inches, if that even happens. I can't imagine several FEET of it! Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

we also have lots of snow -- why don't you work from home all the time?

Tinkerbellemommy said...

And once more I'm reminded why I moved from New England to Florida lol!

Sarah said...

Anon - working from home on occasion is acceptable but otherwise it's not the culture of the company. I also work with a lot of paper and people and there are a lot of meetings.