Thursday, December 5, 2013

November running

Week 1
  • Friday - 2 miles TM
  • Sunday - 3 miles TM
Week 2
  • Wednesday - 3 miles TM
  • Friday - 3.5 miles TM
  • Sunday 4 miles TM
Week 3
  • Wednesday - 3 miles TM
  • Friday - 4 miles TM
  • Sunday - 4+ miles, 47mins
Week 4
  • Wednesday - 3 miles TM
  • Saturday - 3.5 miles TM
Week 5
  • Monday - 3.5 miles TM
  • Thursday - 5 miles, 50:43
Total Miles - 41.5

This month was a definite improvement over October in terms of overall mileage and, dare I say, speed.  I did taper the week prior to my turkey race.  I think that helped me out on race day.  About 10 days before the race, I ran my 4+ mile route outside.  It was a balmy day for November around these parts - 60 degrees - but with very light rain.  Because I hadn't been running outside at all, I wanted to test my pace.  I was running about 10:30 minute miles.  Meh.  But I was sore the next day and I knew that trying to pack in miles and "training" the week before the race wasn't going to do me any good.  

We have some free weights that have been kicking around near the treadmill.  At the end of October, I started "lifting."  That lasted for a week or so.  When I finish up a run at 9:00 at night and I still haven't eaten dinner, lifting weights is the last thing on my mind.  Not that I was spending very much time doing so.  I want to try to make time to fit in some weight training but that may have to be a long term goal.       

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