Wednesday, December 4, 2013

1 placemat, 3 different ways

Is it place mat or placemat?  I think one word looks better.  Anyway, over the weekend, I decided to experiment and sew together some Christmas placemats for the girls to use for the season.  (My Mac is telling me that placemat is spelled correctly but gives me the red line for placemats.)  I have a bunch a random Christmas fabric and so I randomly picked this one for the Placemat Project.

Sewing placemats is not difficult but the jury's still out on which way is the most aesthetically pleasing.


Bias tape, top stitch or nothing.

Pretty fabrics lead to pretty projects and this fabric isn't really doing it for me.  Something about the lime green is throwing me off, which in turn is throwing off the way I'm viewing the end product.  You didn't know it was possible to over think a placemat, did you?  Anywho, it doesn't really matter.   They're just placemats.  For the kids.  Who are pretty easy to please.


I made these on the smaller side - 11" by 14" because they are for the kids.  I didn't want them to be too thick but I used a layer of thin fleece in the middle, which should help with spills.

That's all I've got for now...


Katie said...

I like the middle one the best. Very cute!

Just Me said...

I like all three, depending on the fabric. I agree, this is a bit "neon". I think the bias works with a lighter fabric and darker bias. The other two look nice, just depends on the fabric pattern (if striped not sure about the outside stitch...)

Great job on all of them, and love the tip about the fleece in the middle!!!

Rebecca said...

i'm a sucker for top stitching :o) they are really cute and festive!

Sarah Mae said...

I just found your blog the other day through another blog I read (though I couldn't tell you which--I'm mostly bedridden due to medical problems so I am an avid blog reader). I like the one in the middle best, but they are all nice. I wish I could sew! :) Happy Thursday!
Sarah -

Cindy said...

I'm a bias tape girl! They're all adorable though, and I love the idea of putting fleece in the middle. Genius!

MCox said...

I like the bias tape one best. Did you use interfacing at all inside?

I like sewing too and made some place mats recently as well:

Sarah said...

I didn't use any interfacing. I didn't have any - well, I did but it was thick (for bags or quilting.) I just checked yours out - adorable!