Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October running

Week 1
  • Tuesday - 3 miles TM
  • Sunday - 5 miles TM
Week 2
  • Sunday - 3 miles TM
Week 3
  • Wednesday - 3 miles TM
Week 4
  • Monday - 2 miles TM
  • Thursday - 3 miles TM
  • Saturday - 4 miles TM
Week 5
  • Monday - 2 miles TM
Total miles:  25

The month of September ended with me feeling stronger and finally noticing some, albeit small, progress with my running.  My schedule for the first week of October was moved around a bit and so I only ended up running two days that week.  No biggie, I thought.  Life happens and next week, I'll be back on track.  Well, next week was the week prior to 10/15, a huge tax filing deadline for me, and I was stuck with a 40+ hour work week crammed into four days.  That left me with no chance to run, unless I wanted to do so late at night (no thank you) or very early in the morning (no thank you.)  (I should note that our treadmill is practically next to Grammy's bed so if I'm running at 5:15 AM, Grammy's up for the day.) 

After the 10/15 tidal wave disappeared, I did something to my knee and wasn't able to run for a few days and then I did something to my right ankle and wasn't able to run for a few days.  By that point, I was ready to give up.  And then the Maria Kang thing was all over the internet for a few days and I admit that I was annoyed with her.  I have triplets, Maria.  That's my excuse.


Anonymous said...

You did great last month, I'm amazed with your schedule that you still manage to get those runs in!

Ugh, wish I hadn't read that Maria Kang debacle. Sure she makes time to work out despite having 3 little ones and working? Ok, great for her.

I had ONE little one but was divorced and on my own with him. Picking him up from daycare at 5:30 and he was in bed by 8:30. 3 whole precious hours I spent with my son Mon-Fri (oh, and maybe 1/2a sleepy hour in the morning).

So, in order to get a workout in the evenings it was either ignore him for an hour, or sit on the sofa after dinner with him in my lap just being with him. Not a difficult choice for me. He's 17 years old and I still have guilt if I don't spend enough time with him!

So yeah, having little kids IS an excuse, unless you are okay with spending even less time with them. If you're home with them all day, then I think it's great to get away for a couple of hours on your own to work out.

Moms need to take care of themselves for sure, it makes us better moms. But I will, and have, forsaken reducing my belly fat in order to give my son more of my time. I don't regret it at all, and it wasn't due to laziness.

Sarah said...

This is so true! It's about priorities and a priority isn't an excuse. And it doesn't even have to be about kids and/or working either. I know people who don't have kids but care for their parents.