Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some dance stuff

I finally bought the girls more leotards last week.  And booty shorts.  They were wearing size 6 shorts, which I thought was ridiculously small when I read the tags, but they're mostly in size 7/8 right now.  We did purchase some items from a local store but as I was searching around online, I discovered that both Old Navy and Gap (which I always call The Gap, but I think it's just Gap) have dance clothes for girls and those clothes are on sale right now.  Check it out if you're in need of dance clothes! I got some great deals.  

Old Navy had a few dance items several years ago.  I had purchased a leotard for Emily but when I went back to buy more, they were sold out online and in stores.  I hope they keep restocking with new items because with sales and coupon codes, you can't beat the prices.

Allie's been on an organizing and cleaning kick.  She cleaned out a bureau drawer in her room that was full of hair items.  A few years ago, Grammy had picked up a bag of, I guess you would call them, scrunchies at a dollar store.  Not really scrunchies but like scrunchies.  Allie said she didn't like anything in the bag because it was full of '80s stuff.  So I started looking through it and, gah, I found the perfect things for sock buns.  They look like the end of a sock.  The girls thought they were sweat bands for your wrists.  

I pulled Emily's hair up into a sock bun with the one below before tap the other day.  I did secure it with four bobby pins and it held up quite well.


Here are a few recent dance photos.





Bree at Clarity Defined said...

Great photos! I had no idea about Old Navy/Gap, but it sort of makes sense given their expansions with activewear in recent years (and with Athleta).

If you've never used Discount Dance Supply, I've been a fan of theirs for years and their prices tend to be very competitive/low (particularly with the basics). I worked for a dance store in high school (best first job... and my mom really liked my employee discount :)), but still always kept an eye on DDS prices to compare with my employee discount.

Sarah said...

We love Discount Dance!

KimB said...

So cute! I still have no idea who's who...