Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Meals and random photos from last week

Last week, I cooked dinner Sunday through Thursday.  I'm finding the most difficult part of cooking at home is meal planning.  If I repeat an item too often, the kids sometimes decide they no longer like it.  And now, with dance, I have to make sure that meals can quickly be prepared on nights when dance runs into our typical dinnertime.

Sunday - Swedish meatballs in a beef gravy with egg noodles and roasted broccoli


Monday - Cinnamon french toast with bacon

I like my bacon almost burnt, which means I usually end up burning it.

Tuesday - Fiesta salad (with chicken)


Wednesday - I had planned to make spaghetti squash and a meat sauce but the girls were super hungry after dance and I didn't have time.  I usually cook up some regular spaghetti too.  Two of the girls will eat both regular and the squash, one will not eat the squash.  I ended up making just regular spaghetti and the meat sauce.  I am not a fan of meat sauce, by the way, but the kids request it.

Thursday - Spaghetti squash with leftover sauce, veggie burgers and veggie fries.

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Out to eat

Random photos from last week:







September sure did fly by!


Anonymous said...

I think meal planning is a very personal thing, you really have to find what works for you. I had done weekly meal planning for years, but I dreaded every weekend when I'd have to plan the next week's meals. Finally, I switched to monthly meal planning. I print out a calendar and mark down our activities and then I can start slotting in meals. It really forces me to look at the big picture which I like. I also slot in plenty of easy nights, or leftovers, or dinners out. Things sometimes change around a bit, but it's been so much better on my sanity to do it once a month, than once a week.

Bree at Clarity Defined said...

LOVE that ballet skirt wrap (is that Emily?)!

Have you dipped your toes into any dancewear with your sewing? My grandma made my sister and I tons of skirts and it was always so exciting to have holiday themed ones or different ones from the other girls in class (and so many options).

Sarah said...

Erin - That's an interesting way to meal plan. You're right - it is very personal.

Bree - That is Emily! It's from a recital costume. I haven't attempted ballet skirts yet. I have a really long to-do sewing list right now.

Pam Kocke said...

i just started meal planning, so i'm always on the lookout for ideas. We do breakfast for dinner every Wednesday night and it's the boys' favorite. Definitely going to do french toast this week now! (Especially since I'm stocked up on bread and eggs right now.)