Thursday, April 6, 2017

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Our washing machine died yesterday.  I ran a load Tuesday morning and happened to step into the bathroom as it was draining.  The motor or pump or whatever runs when the machine drains seemed unusually loud to me but I'm not in the habit of hanging around in the bathroom with the machine running so I wasn't positive there was an issue.  Well, there was an issue.  I ran a second load on Tuesday without incident - that I know of, anyway - but the load yesterday wouldn't drain.  The pump/motor decided that after nine and a half years of service, it would be leaving us.  There was a bit of a fiasco draining water from the tub so I could open the door to remove the clothes.  Even with the machine unplugged, the door was locked and just my luck, the little tube that's supposed to allow you to drain water from the tub had fallen back into the machine.  I tore up a finger attempting to retrieve it.  A new machine will be here next week.  It's funny how many times today I walked towards the bathroom intending to run a load, completely forgetting that I don't have a washing machine.

I recently met with the girls' teachers for the second parent/teacher conferences of the school year.  It was nice to hear how well they're doing.  Because we often experience "triplet drama" at home, I sometimes forget how easy we have it when it comes to school.  Keep it up, kids.  We need scholarships!

I need to get back to planning our DC mini-vacation.  I started off strong but became completely sidetracked this week.  

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