Monday, April 10, 2017

The Weekend + 9-10 Year Old Girl Gift Guide

It's finally starting to feel like spring around here.  Although, not so much on Saturday.  But yesterday was super nice and today was even better.  I don't know what's going on with me.  I've been really tired lately.  When I wake up in the morning, I feel like I need more sleep and maybe I should have been napping last week while the girls were in school.  Yesterday, it hit me around noon.  I think if I had slept past 8:00 (which is the latest I've slept in well over a week) I probably would have been okay, but I was completely wiped out and useless.  I had zero energy.  I've been on prescription Vitamin D for six weeks now, so it's definitely not a Vitamin D thing.  I sometimes think I'm just a person who needs more sleep than others, possibly because most nights I wake up multiple times and often have trouble falling back asleep.  I took a 90 minute nap this morning while the girls were at school and that definitely helped.

There's been a lot of sickness going around the schools here - flu and strep.  I brought Allie back to the pediatrician last week for a lung check.  She's perfectly fine.  Then they told us to leave the building as quickly as possible before someone with the flu showed up.

The girls had their friend birthday party on Saturday.



We opted to go with a place where they could make their own bath products and let me tell you, it was soooo much easier than an at home party.  I am not a party planner and I've known this all along but creativity with gift giving is not in me either.  I always ask for wish lists and when the girls need to give gifts, I always have them ask their friends for ideas.  This is why I'm sharing some of what the girls asked for (and received) this year for their 10th birthday.  It may help someone like me.

Beach Bag

The girls have a friend who always gives the most creative gifts.  This year she gifted them the best gift - beach bags stuffed with a beach towel, floppy hat and sunscreen.  I never would have thought of this but it's absolutely perfect.

Justice Pet Shop

My girls are obsessed with these little pets from Justice.  

Office/School Supplies


(So funny how these are popular again.  I was never able to solve more than two sides as a kid but now thanks to the internet, I win!)

(Side story - one of Allie's Barbies has a blog and social media under the name Double Mommy, because she has two kids.  She uses the hashtag #doublemommyout to end her posts.  Interesting that my kids have limited knowledge of social media, don't have any accounts of their own but come up with this stuff.)

Clothes and Shoes

(For the first time ever, they've asked for a specific brand.  This may be the beginning of the end.  Although, outside of this request, they are still okay with any clothes/shoes I buy for them.)


Tracy said...

Happy birthday, girls! I remember the excitement of turning 10 - "double digits!" That party sounds awesome! I refuse to do home parties - I don't like a lot of people I don't know well in my house messing up my sanctuary.

My daughter also loves those little Justice pets and their accessories. I find it so much easier to shop for gifts for my daughter than my son. Girls love little things like hair clips and lip gloss and nail polish and cute little keychains and small collectibles. Boys don't have many equivalents. I love the idea of the beach bag gift!

EmilyRT said...

Have you tried taking a sublingual b12 for exhaustion?

BreezieGirl said...

Happy Birthday to them! I like gift guides too - I always struggle.

D&B said...

So does every friend bring three gifts, one for each? Just curious!

Sarah said...

Emily - I'll have to look into that. Thanks for the suggestion. Hadn't thought of that.

Gift giving from friends - many of their friends are friends with all three so they will bring all 3 a gift. If someone is closer to one of the girls, they'll give her a little something extra or different. Sometimes they have friends who are only friends with one of the girls and that friend will only bring a gift for the triplet she's friends with. Last year we tried the "no gift" thing but some friends still brought gifts.