Tuesday, August 2, 2016

No sharks. Our visit to Ptown.

Rich and I have a tendency to somewhat wing it when it comes to our day trips.  We head out with a general game plan and we've usually completed some sort of research but we don't have the day planned hour to hour.  For this trip, our ultimate destination was the tip of the Cape, which is Provincetown (always referred to as Ptown.)  We stopped Mid Cape for a quick lunch and then drove around a few neighborhoods we weren't familiar with.  I just love checking out all the shingled cottages.

I was last in Ptown more than ten years ago for a work function.  I can't believe it took me (us!) that long to make it back.  It can be a bit of a drive to get up there, especially if you hit traffic.  We had tentatively planned to walk around and be tourists but when you wing it, plans can change.  Our first stop was the observation deck at the Visitor Center off of Race Point Road.






We told the girls that we may walk around/check out a few beaches but we hadn't packed for a full beach day.  Well, in the summer, we leave most of the beach gear in the back of the van and I had grabbed bathing suits just in case.  The girls really, really, really wanted to go the beach so we went to the beach.  Race Point Beach to be exact.



(She looks so tiny.)


The water temperatures here are much colder than those of other beaches on the Cape.  The info sign told us 60 degrees and yeah, that's what it felt like.  It was hot out so the water felt refreshing.  Not that anyone in my crew really swam.  The surf was somewhat rough and this was a calm day.  There was also a shark flag flying and shark warnings.  Visitors are basically told that this is the sharks' natural habitat so yeah, you've been warned.  We spotted a few seals swimming somewhat close to shore and several beachgoers appeared to have binoculars glued to their faces but we didn't see any sharks.  Believe me, the girls were on the lookout.  I took three beachcombing walks and while there weren't any shells, we loved all the super smooth stones and even found a few pieces of sea glass.


(Do you know how much I love that they bring books?)

(The thinker.)


Our day didn't end there but my day now needs to end so this will be continued tomorrow.  Good night!


lesley said...

Provincetown. Heaven on earth to me. It's home. Grandmother born and died there, my mom and us kiddos spent every summer in my childhood living there with my grandmother while my dad flew in every weekend. Dad lives there now. It's medicine to my soul. The light there is like no other for photography, especially in October, it's a warm golden color.

Courtney said...

Love Ptown! I got to visit there a few years back when my brother and his partner got married. Beautiful place.

BreezieGirl said...

All these pictures -- one day I'll have to make it back to the east coast and see the Cape in person! :) Looks like a lovely (shark-free) day so far!

And I love that your girls bring books too; that was totally me as a kid!

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing, Lesley.

It is really beautiful up there.

I brought books everywhere with me too when I was a kid. I still do!