Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Are those seals?!?! (Marconi Beach, Wellfleet)

When I left off last night, we were packing up from our afternoon at the beach while considering our options for dinner.  We decided to hit the road because we wanted to check out Marconi Beach in Wellfleet.  Good reviews for the Marconi Beach Restaurant had popped up during my research so we decided to eat there.  For some reason, I thought it was located on or very near to the beach.  Maybe because of its name.  It's actually right there on Route 6.  There were some grumblings about wanting to eat at a restaurant on the water.  Next time, kiddos.


This restaurant is known for its BBQ which made me feel that I needed to order the BBQ or I would be missing out.  The portions were humongous.  Seriously.  I should have just shared that with a child.  Well, I sort of ended up doing that anyway.

After we filled our stomachs, we drove down to Marconi Beach, which is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, as is Race Point Beach.    





We were delighted to find a handful of seals playing in the water right in front of us on the beach.


Here's a zoomed in photo, but that one above shows how close they are to shore.


We spent some time wandering down the beach, enjoying the scenery and nature.  The sand dunes here are amazingly high.  It makes me happy to see my children exploring the world around them.  No one says she's bored.  No one complains.  No one asks when we are leaving.  





Get those spins in.



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BreezieGirl said...

That last photo - LOVE! Okay, I love them all. It reminds me that I need to explore more beaches in my area instead of going to the same ones over and over. :)