Thursday, June 23, 2016

Changes: Endings, beginnings, the beginning of the end


A few weeks ago, the girls participated in the year end gymnastics show and it was decided that this would be the end of their gymnastics career.  They felt more comfortable with their decision after watching the jazz dances at their recital, knowing that they can cartwheel, backbend kickover and do the other acro moves the older girls could do.


(Yes, one child wasn't photographed that evening.  Apparently, I didn't have written consent.)

(Tween attitude or Anna being Anna)

School has officially ended and in a few short months I will have three fourth graders, which seems absolutely insane to me.  The boy/girl stuff has already started.  Thankfully, nothing inappropriate involving my kids but I've heard some stories.  Well, not inappropriate stories but girls making boys sit with them on the bus or insinuating boyfriend/girlfriend status.  Ack!

Here's an example from my kids:

Allie:  "I heard Steve and Ty talking about me."

Anna:  "What did they say?"

Allie:  "Steve said, 'I like Allie,' and Ty said, 'I think it's the other way around.'"

Anna:  "That Ty is a smart kid."


Me:  "What happened?  Why did you make those faces?"

Them:  "Anna pinched us!"


The A Team had their post dance recital haircuts.  My stylist cut Allie's hair a bit past her shoulders at first and then moved on to Anna.  She did that in case Allie suddenly decided that she didn't want to go bob short.  It wasn't that far off from what Allie wanted (a long bob) so she kept it. I love it!  Anna has hers not quite midway down her back and it looks so fresh and healthy.  She even has a bit of pink still in there.


They now have completely different hair lengths.  Do you think that will assist with telling them apart?  Rich arrived with Emily at a summer party held by Allie's friend (all the girls were invited but I showed up a little later with A and A) and everyone said, "Hi, Allie!"




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BreezieGirl said...

Ooh haircuts! Allie's hair looks great in that picture you posted - can't wait to see Anna's.

That's great to hear the girls were comfortable with their decision about gymnastics although I'll be curious to find out if all the media attention on gymnastics this summer with the Olympics will sway them back that direction. I mean, I'm a grown woman and I still get little girl excited about Olympic gymnastics, haha. :)