Sunday, June 26, 2016

Away on vaca

I'm currently in Michigan with the girls, Grammy and a special guest.  A few weeks ago, I asked my brother if my niece, Beth, who is also our goddaughter, would be interested in traveling to Michigan with us as she had never been out here to visit family.  She and her parents said yes.  I decided to keep it a secret from the girls because if for some reason, Beth wasn't able to join us, I knew how disappointed they would be.  Grammy and I had this text conversation a few times:

Grammy:  Do the girls know about Beth yet?

Me:  No

Grammy:  When are you going to tell them?

Me:  When she gets in the van

And that's almost exactly what happened.  Grammy and Beth arrived at our house on departure day while I was upstairs.  Anna came running up the stairs, confused saying, "Beth is here and Grammy says she's coming with us!?"

I have photos from our trip thus far to edit but haven't had much free time.  I also have a library book to finish before it is due back in a few short days.  I do have Grammy helping out but without Rich here, there's more for me to do.  I'm not used to being the driver and before this trip, I couldn't remember the last time I had pumped gas.  (Spoiled, I know.  Don't forget I was a city commuter!)

Here are some lessons we've learned from the road:

  • Always carry a back-up credit card with you
  • Walmart has free high speed wifi (yes, we shopped there!)
  • When it's 90 degrees out and you need to dry clothing, hang it in the car.  

  • Hope to be back soon with photos!


    Sarah said...

    What part of Michigan? We are in Chicago and travel to Michigan every summer!

    JEN said...

    I was "Up North" this weekend (I grew up there) and the weather was awesome- 84 F and lake breeze, and down here in the Metro area it is so hot.

    Katie said...

    Welcome to my home state :) Enjoy!

    Sarah said...

    We were in the Detroit area with a side trip up north!

    Stef said...

    What a fun trip! One other good bathroom/wifi spot Ive found as a semi-broke college traveler-libraries. No matter what city around the world Ive been in, when I'm in a pinch and don't want to shell out $4 for a coffee, I head to the library :)