Monday, May 30, 2016

Current events

Disney Cruise
As I was preparing to travel to Kentucky, my friend at work text me and asked if I had heard about a Disney cruise in Boston.  Say what?  A quick google search answered my question.  I must have missed the news last year when the new cruise itineraries were announced.  The cruise terminal is about a 15 minute walk from my office.  I've seen some chatter from others wishing that Disney would add cruises departing from Boston.  I know there are some out of New York in 2017 but the itineraries and the dates aren't ideal.  Plus, I'm pushing for a vacation in Hawaii for 2017.  Pushing = I NEED A TROPICAL VACATION.

The construction site across the street from my office unearthed a sunken, buried shipwreck this week.  Every time I looked out the window, gawkers were at the fence of the building site taking pictures of the ship with their phones until constructions workers told them to move along.  I've always known the Seaport area was all landfill, as are other parts of the city.  This obviously proves it.  And now more and more buildings are popping up down there.  On the landfill.

Summer Clothing
It often feels like we have two seasons here - winter and summer.  Last weekend, I finally pulled out all of the summer clothes I had purchased on sale/clearance for the girls back at the end of last summer.  There really hadn't been a need until this week when, bam, we hit 90 degrees.  I have to say the girls look so freaking adorable in the dresses and rompers.  Love.

Fall Activities
It's not yet June but we've had to start thinking about fall activities as registrations for many will begin soon.  The girls are undecided with gymnastics.  They are on the non-competition side and after next year, even if they remain non-competition, Allie and Emily would have to attend classes twice a week.  I'm on the fence too.  I've always said that it's okay to participate in a sport/activity without being a competitive superstar.  It's okay to have just have fun.  But it's expensive and they're only there once a week.  That cost will only increase.

I really like how the dance studio is handling fall registration this year.  It's always been verbal as to what classes are available and Grammy ends up scratching them down on a piece of scrap paper, etc.  This year, they have provided a registration sheet for each student with a list of eligible classes (based on ability and age) and the day/time for those classes.  If the girls were going to be in one dance class, then I wouldn't be questioning gymnastics.  Allie's contemplating three dance classes (jazz, tap and ballet.)  Emily originally wanted ballet and tap but a friend of hers is interested in hip hop so she said she would do that too.  Anna was thinking jazz but now she may do hip hop as well.  So you see where this is going.  It may be the true end to gymnastics.

I read Drew Barrymore's Wildflower a few weeks ago.  It was okay.  Basically a collection of random stories of her life.  I think an actual memoir would have been fascinating and while she hinted at her troubled past, she never went into details.  Perhaps she's embarrassed by all of it, which is understandable.  Regardless of how I feel about the book, she should be applauded for turning her life around and her continued success.

Can the trend of longer pants end?  Now, please.  I don't wear heels or wedges with everything and I don't want my pants dragging on the ground.  I am almost 5'4" and proportionate, maybe with slightly longer legs.  Petite pants, from Loft or Ann Taylor, have always been the perfect length.  Well, now they drag on the ground.  Ugh.  I purchased a pair of seersucker pants from Loft at the end of last summer on sale.  I went to wear them yesterday with flat sandals and they were much too long.  I found a pair of jeans on sale at Loft right before I traveled to Kentucky.  I desperately need jeans/casual clothes.  I don't have much because there hasn't been the need being at work.  These jeans were size 2P and I can't wear them with flat shoes.  I found another pair on sale that weren't petite but I bought them anyway and cut the bottoms off.  Short people problems.


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I love seeing our girls in their summer clothes for the first time, too. Those little arms get me every year! :)

Christi said...

I hear you on the long pants thing. And I'm on the tall side. (5'7")
I hate having to take jeans to the tailor to be hemmed!

Chantel said...

Left a flower for Abbey today, emailed you a picture. Thinking about you and her.

Sarah said...

Thank you, Chantel. Made my night. Thinking of you and Curtis this week too.