Friday, May 27, 2016


Ack!  This week has been so hectic.  Sunday night I had some doubts on whether or not I would make it through and here it is Friday night.  Breathing.

Let's go back to Sunday night and the missed call on my phone from my brother.  "Mom's at the hospital waiting for an x-ray.  She got out of my car and hurt her leg.  I called my paramedic friend who thinks it could possibly be a blood clot from sitting in the car for so long (road trip back from Kentucky) or she broke something."  Now, this is going to sound like I wasn't concerned for my mother's health.  I was but I tend to not freak out or overreact if there is no actual diagnosis.  (I did almost pass out when my mom thought she was having a heart attack and then Rich thought we were both suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and I was screaming for him to check on the girls, who were upstairs asleep.  That was a freak out.)  With my brother's phone call, I assumed that my mom had broken a bone in her foot.  She hadn't fallen or tripped so I didn't see how she could be majorly injured.  She does like to break bones in her feet though.

I was freaking out over the fact that I HAD to go to work the next day. (See.  Sounds like I didn't care about my mom.)  It has been so incredibly helpful to have had my mom's help for all these years but our back up plan for when she's out of commission is that I (or Rich) stay at home and I had just been out of work for a week and Rich had had to shuffle things around for three days while I was gone and I had no back-up plan for a failed back-up plan.    

It turns out Grammy pulled (didn't tear) ligaments near her knee when she stepped out of my brother's car, which is a mid-size SUV.  Who does that?  I guess short people.  She's in a knee brace and Monday she needed to rest her leg as much as possible and use crutches to get around.  For this week, Rich dropped the girls off at school in the morning.  It's not that much of a schedule shift to do so.  We all leave the house together, go to the train station first (I take the train after my normal train) and then Rich drives to the school.  Monday, Rich took a late lunch in order to pick the girls up from school and bring them to Grammy's house.  My dad was there and able to help out until Rich picked them up after work so Grammy didn't have to move around.  She was able to cath Anna, which was key in all of this.

Grammy's knee is feeling much, much better.  She's graduated to walking around with just the brace on and no longer needs the crutches.  It is expected to heal completely on its own.  I'm relieved this wasn't a big deal because seriously, a blood clot.

I didn't leave work Monday night until after 8:00 and because I didn't want the girls going to bed late, I walked home.  I'm getting too old for this.  I walked in the door all sweaty at 9:40 which isn't really that late but it felt like it was midnight.  Tonight was the only night I left work at a normal hour.  I can't complain too much because Rich and I did sneak over to a Sox game the other night.  Not good timing but there wasn't much we could do about that.  It's a nice little date night but we did leave the game early so we wouldn't get home too late.




Pronounced:  Fen-way Pahk

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