Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I don't treat this blog like a business because I have a full time job that pays well and carving out time to blog is difficult enough, never mind finding additional time to make it into a business.  Although, I have been bringing my laptop to gymnastics with me to "work."  I said that to Rich one Saturday morning. "I'm going to bring my laptop to see if I can get any work done."  That was immediately followed with, "Can you imagine if THIS was my job?" So anyway, even though this isn't a business, why do people think that it's acceptable to ask me to post random crap on my blog?  For free, I might add.

For example:

My children are NINE years old.  Does one think that I'm blogging about breast pumps because if you read here, it's clear that I'm not.  Nor am I blogging about anything even remotely connected to breast pumps.

Dialing for dollars. 

My favorite was a request to blog about the importance of life insurance for women and when I didn't respond, the follow-up concluded that I wasn't a real person.  Yes, that is it.  I am not real. 

So, sure, there are some legitimate requests but that's not what I do.  This is my blog so I raise awareness for what is near and dear to me, such as stillbirth and spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  That doesn't mean that I don't think your concerns, or breast pumps, are of less importance; I just don't want to write (or copy/paste a generic blog post) about them.  Now, when I become a travel blogger (I kid, I kid) (maybe not) I'll gladly accept offers related to travel. Not breast pumps or life insurance or pacifiers.  And I'll check spam on a regular basis.  Oh, and clothing for the children is always welcome.

Speaking of travel, we have finally nailed down plans for our Michigan trip this summer.  The main purpose of the trip is to visit my family but we've planned a side trip to bring the girls to see some sights.  There is so much to see here in the US and I want to make/find time to do so.  The girls are old enough to remember more now and their commitments are limited.  Those commitments are only going to grow with them.  You have to make life happen.

On the book front, I finished reading The Lowland the other day.  I would recommend it but be forewarned that it's a slow start.  I started reading it on the train ride home one night so I had only made it a half hour or so through the book, but I kept thinking, What is this book about?  It picked up right after that and was quite an enjoyable read.  Well, the underlying theme is sad but it's a good book.

I'm a few train rides into Station Eleven now.  Gah, I don't know why I like these kind of books, but I do.  I may have to re-read Stephen King's The Stand because it's been so long, I don't remember it very well.  I originally read it when I was in high school and that, my friends, was a really looooong time ago.  

I spent some time this weekend looking at sewing projects for Disney.  Yes, "looking at."  I'm still on my first project (sob) which is a skirt for Allie that will have appliques on it.  I dug through my fabric looking for something suitable but now I'm thinking that pattern I was going to go with (Insa skirt) may not be right.  Decisions, decisions. . . 


Beth said...

LOL I got the same breast pump email and my little blog is just my kids baby book - it has no where near the traffic yours does! I was curious if they emailed all bloggers associated with HDYDI maybe?

Teej said...

Wait, say what? You're never going to do a blog post about breast pumps?? I have been reading your blog for years just waiting for you to review some breast pumps. I always assumed it was on the horizon.

Well, dang. I guess I will just have to go find another blog about identical triplets that also includes interesting Disney planning information, book reviews, photography tips, AND informs me how to choose the right breast pump.


JEN said...

Let me if you have any michigan questions! Have you been to Greenfield Village? Meijer gardens Is great. Belle isle is nice (and in the metro area). Of course mackinac island but a bit of a drive.

Sarah said...

Beth - That is too funny! It was obvious he had never read anything here.

Teej - Sorry to disappoint ;)

Jen - Thanks! My uncle, aunt and cousin have been helpful. We did Greenfield Village last year. Hoping to do something different each year. Would go back to Greenfield when the girls are older though - it was fairly close by.

Annie Jadin said...

I've been a long-time reader and I especially love your succinct book recommendations. I just wanted to finally jump in with a comment because I read Station Eleven last summer and absolutely loved it. I keep thinking I'll outgrow those sorts of books, but I'm almost 30 and still devouring them!

BreezieGirl said...

I never know how to respond to those emails! Mine have at least been content related, but I'm always curious when it's "hey what if you wrote about this? And can you link to our page?" But... I don't use your page. :\