Tuesday, February 16, 2016

And then they grow up

At some point approximately six months ago, without my noticing, the girls stopped watching the Disney channel.  The TV isn't on all that much so it took me awhile to realize that they were no longer interested on those programs.  They had moved on to HGTV with shows like Property Brothers, House Hunters and Flip or Flip.  And then it was Dancing with the Stars, which I questioned the appropriateness of, but kids in their class have seen The Hunger Games.  After knowing that, Dancing with the Stars didn't seem all that bad.

When the girls were babies, in addition to the usual comments, we also heard, "Oh, man.  You'll have three kids in college at the same time."  Of course, it's easy to think, I have 18 years to worry about that.  Especially when one is sleep deprived and trying to make it through one day at a time.  Now those years have been cut in half.  9 years.  (A bit of a side track, I was recently reading an article stating that Millennials are the most educated generation, and I believe it.  I look at how my field has changed and it's very easy to see.  Twenty years ago, you only needed a bachelor's degree to earn your CPA license here in Mass.  Now, not so much.  You need additional school credits which most obtain by finishing up a master's degree.  And there are far more attorneys working in my area than there were twenty years ago.  It all makes me wonder if this trend will continue or will the next generation follow a different path?)    

Their classrooms still had little Valentine's Day parties with a card exchange.  All three wanted to make cards themselves.  Grammy happened to pick up packets of pre-made cards at The Dollar Store - Minnie Mouse and the like.  The girls didn't want to use Grammy's cards and continued to cut out and color paper.  Why?  "Because they are kind of babyish."  Really?  I mean there aren't many options when it comes to the kid selection of mass produced Valentine's Day cards.

Whenever I'm in the car now, I listen to my '90s radio station and I breathe in 1999.  If the kids are in the car with me, this usually doesn't last long.  Pearl Jam is referred to as "country" or "What is this?  This is terrible!"  Really?  



Lauren M said...

Hey Sarah,
I've been following your blog since the girls were 3!! Can't believe how big they're getting!

Anonymous said...

My kids don't watch Disney much either, instead they watch a lot of Animal Planet and Nat Geo Wild shows. And we love to watch Dancing with the Stars together as a family!

Katching Kismet said...

Are they in 3rd or 4th? Either way, I remember watching Disney well into my middle school years! (7th/8th)

Sarah said...

They're in 3rd grade. I thought they'd be watching it for many more years but they lost interest.