Monday, February 15, 2016

Conversations with eight year olds

Allie:  (using fashion design app on kindle)  "What's this word?"

Me:  "Boho"

Allie:  "Oooh. (thinking) What exactly does that mean?"

Me:  "It's kind of like hippie."

Allie:  "Oh, okay."

Emily:  "Anna thought that it was hobo and not boho."

Anna:  "It is hobo!"

Me:  "Those are two different things."

Anna:  "Then what's hobo?"

Me:  "Think of a guy who doesn't have a home and rides on trains."

Anna:  "Oh.  I thought hobo meant you were Irish."

Emily:  "Ann-na!  We are Irish!"

Me:  "Where do you come up with this stuff?"

Allie:  "Mommy, do you like Marco Rubio?"

Me:  "Ahhhh, I don't know."

Allie:  "Do you like Donald Trump?"

Me:  "No."

Emily:  "He says he wants to make America great again."

Allie:  "I think America is just fine."

Emily:  "He keeps saying he wants to make America great again but he doesn't say what he's going to do to make that happen."

Allie:  "He made fun of people with disabilities and that just didn't seem nice.  I want Bernie to win because he's nice and he visits people with disabilities and he likes little kids."

Emily:  "I just want him to win because he's old."

Allie:  "At school, Todd said that Hillary was a criminal and belongs in jail."

Anna:  "I want Marco Rubio to win."

Me:  "Why?"

Anna:  (shrugging)  "I like his name."

Emily:  (describing a recycling activity at school) "They were just trying to coax you into joining clean up day."

Me:  "Good use of the word coax."

Emily:  "My head feels heavy.  I think it's because my imagination is too big."


Katie said...

I am dying. These are all great!!

Whitney said...

These are hilarious! My three year old keeps me on my toes so it's nice to see that is just going to continue :)

Lilly said...

awesome! i love that each of them have a voice of their own!