Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stretched out

It took me over two hours to commute home last night.  Switching problems, tree branches on train tracks, late turn of equipment, backup of trains.  The worst part was finding myself in the middle of a monsoon trying to get to the train station, leaving my jacket soaking wet.  I then sat in and on my wet jacket for an hour and 45 minutes.  Changing into dry clothes has never felt so good.

Rich had late work meetings and so there it was, after 8:00 and I'm hungry and attempting to calmly manage the bedtime routine which sometimes can last for a really long time.  Did you brush yet?  Seriously, there is no reason why you can't be upstairs by yourself.  Why are you walking around with no clothes on?  How are you still flossing?  Where are your pajamas?  Why do you still have no clothes on!  The girls were attempting to sneak in snippets from their day.  At one point, Allie said to me, "Mommy, I know you're stretched out right now."  I stopped and laughed.  I was "stretched" out.  I don't want to be stretched out.

Last week, there was an open house for the girls' gym class at school.  The school was participating in a jump rope for heart program and so, at the open house, parents were encouraged to jump rope with the kids.  Of course, the girls have gym class on separate days of the week and of course, that class is in the afternoon.  Work right now is a bit insane.  We've had four people, who are very much connected to what I do, leave.  It is not very easy for me to work from home right now, considering what I'm working on.  For a day?  Yeah, sure.  For three days in a row? Not so much.  Emily and Anna immediately told me they would be fine with Grammy going.  But Allie really wanted me to attend.  And so I did.  It worked out fine as I was able to bring Anna to a doctor's appointment in the morning.  But, yes, feeling stretched out.

I meant to add this to last night's post and completely forgot.  I've caught (not sure if that's the correct word) the girls reading TIME magazine.  They do receive a small TIME magazine for kids at school and they always read through it.  Rich has a subscription to TIME (as in TIME for adults) and of course, the latest with Barbie on the cover wasn't going to on unnoticed.  I walked into the family room to find Emily intently reading the magazine.  And then a few nights later, Allie went into great detail describing everything regarding the new Barbies.  Where did you hear all this?  I read it in TIME. They like to read Country Living too.  (Cracks me up.)

A few photos from Super Bowl Sunday.  








Christi said...

I think you are on the same train line my DH takes.
They were stopped about 200 yards from Canton Junction for a switch problem on Tuesday.
Were you one of the people who had ot get had to get off and wait for a new train in the rain?

And it looks like one of your girls isn't a fan of Peyton and the Broncos! (Me either.) LOL

Sarah said...

Christi - we may be on the same train line. Seems like both the Franklin and the Providence/Stoughton trains keep getting hit hard. Thank goodness I didn't have to get off the train in the rain - I hate when they do that. Everyone was in pain again this morning.