Thursday, May 14, 2015

As the sun goes down






(Still talking)


(Do you feel like a rock star?)


Valerie Cox said...

I love how you capture everyday moments with your photos. These will be such treasures when they are older!

Carla Rae Withrow said...

I have a photography/disney/multiples question for you, but I don't see anyway to contact you directly. My husband and I are taking our (will be) 14 week old twins to disney in 2 weeks (first week of June). It is just the two of us and the two of them. How do I deal with my SLR? Do I even deal with it or just suck it up and use my iPhone for this trip since I can keep it in my pocket? We are buying memory maker as well, but as we all know that is not the same. We have been to WDW about a thousand times so I don't need pictures of the "stuff" just the babies, but I am having trouble imagining how I can take good photos while still wrangling "my baby" since we will each be responsible for one of them. And then I have to take the babies and the camera on rides and such and the logistics are not working out in my head. Its also June, so it will be ungodly hot so I don't want to have to carry tons of things and i obviously can't leave the slr in the strollers when we are gone.

Anonymous said...

Are they only 14 weeks old? Wow that's super young for Disney.

Sarah said...

Carla - When I first read your comment, I was thinking months not weeks. They only place I was brave enough to venture to at 14 weeks was the mall. I give you credit for traveling with 2 babies. The only suggestion I have is to try a sling camera bag and to just bring your camera with a versatile lens - no other equipment or lens changes. Good luck!