Sunday, May 17, 2015

First Communion

The "dress" rehearsal was first.  I sort of didn't agree with the thought of a dress rehearsal for a first communion but with 140 kids, I can see why the church found it a good idea.  And after all was said and done, I agree that it helped to maintain order and ease any fears that the kids may have had.  Photos were allowed during rehearsal.  Photos were not allowed during the actual first communion mass.  There was a photographer at the rehearsal so most of the kids were in their first communion outfits.  My kids were not because I am a photographer.  Plus, I didn't want to have to worry about keeping three white dresses clean.  



Emily did the first reading.  Allie and Anna brought the gifts to the priest.  I have to say that Emily is a freaking rock star when it comes to reading out loud.  Her teacher has told me that Emily reads like an adult would and that she's never had a student read like that.


Last Sunday was a beautiful day and in typical New England fashion, 90 degrees.  My quick dress alterations were perfect and we kept white dresses white and hair from falling apart.  I found myself saying, repeatedly, "No jumping.  No touching.  No jumping.  No touching."  







After party burnout



Mosquito alert




Caroline said...

Beautiful, precious girls! Congrats to them on their first communion. It's so great that Emily is reading that well. That's really impressive, what her teacher said. I teach college kids and even they seem to have tons of trouble reading aloud. Go Emily!

JEN said...

Congrats!! This is lovely!

BreezieGirl said...

Happy 1st Communion to your girls! So fun that they all got to participate too (and way to go Emily!). Such a special day!

Beautiful dresses and hair - good job to you too!!

Anonymous said...

Does Anna dislike having her hair up, or putting things in her hair because it might put pressure on her shunt and its tubing?

Sarah said...

She hasn't said that's the reason why she prefers her hair down. She does have to wear it up for school and activities - she'll do the ponytail herself. Some headbands bother her if they rest on the shunt.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are so beautiful! Congrats!

MCox said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm sure you already heard of this, but here is an interesting story of identical triplets recently born with two of them conjoined. I wonder if the two that are conjoined were the second split of the egg.

Teej said...

They are very beautiful kids, and I think I can always tell them apart now.

Sarah said...

I read about those triplets yesterday! It probably was that 2nd split.

Jutta said...

Priceless! Your girls are so beautiful. They all express their different tempers in such a sweet way. Congratulations from Finland!