Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The sea, the weekend

I've been feeling like I'm standing on the edge of something new.  I don't really know exactly why.  Maybe because we've finally experienced a taste of summer after this long, brutal winter.  Maybe because the girls are older.  Maybe I'm just in mid-life crisis mode.

The weekend before the girls' First Communion, we had a few family events including a First Communion and a Christening.  We stopped by to check out the beach but it was a very windy, chilly day and we didn't last more than a few minutes.  Anna told me that we would have been fine if I hadn't put away the winter jackets.  









With the addition of a new walk around lens, I've been taking many more photos.  I just need to be able to sit down and go through them.  I had been having problems with flickr and their upgrades.  My Mac is old and flickr decided that it wasn't going to support the version of Safari I was using, which is the most updated one supported by my old Mac.  In order to use flickr to finish my blog posts, I had to borrow Rich's Mac, which is newer than mine.  I did some research and discovered that I was one of many complaining about flickr.  Well, I don't know what happened but flickr likes me again and I can use my old Mac for my blog posts.  Yay!  I'm glad that headache is over with.  

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Wendy said...

Flickr went through some PMS or something. I couldn't upload anything from my IPhone via the Flickr app so I just deleted it. There were lots of upload issues, too. I use Chrome most of the time for browsing on my Mac.