Monday, March 23, 2015

The first weekend of spring

At this point, all we can do is laugh.


Thankfully, it was short lived and blended into what we already have once it decided to stop.  Why do I feel like I'll be wearing my Michelin Man jacket at Easter this year?



And then there was the matter of the first communion dresses.  The girls will be receiving their first communion in May and I didn't think it was late to be purchasing their dresses but apparently it was because there were some nice sales going on .  50% off thank you very much.  We ended up spending $100 total for all three dresses.  However, two of them need to be altered, which I will be doing unless I can convince Grammy to help with (the harder) one of the two.  I did allow the girls to pick their own dresses but unfortunately, the smallest sizes available were 6 and 7 and those seemed huge.  Huge as in several inches will need to be taken in throughout the tops.

We stopped at Chili's for dinner on the way home and ended up with a piece of plastic in one of our desserts.  Emily was the lucky winner of that prize.  It really wasn't a big deal.  It was actually kind of funny how Emily kept telling the story of how she figured out what it was.  We let the waiter know because we were guessing the plastic had broken off from the container holding the ice cream and someone should check it out lest a smaller piece end up in another customer's dessert.  The manager came over several times to apologize.  After his last visit to our table, Allie asked, "When is he going to stop saying I'm sorry?"  Rich and I tried to explain that it was his job to do so.  Her response was, "I feel like we're going to get home and the door bell's going to ring and he'll be standing there saying 'I'm sorry.'"  


MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

That is too funny. Outta the mouths of babes!

Anonymous said...

I hope your trains have at least started to return to normal. Mine usual afternoon is still not on the schedule, but I found a seat this morning for the first time in over a month.

Sarah said...

My trains have been sooo much better, but definitely more crowded than usual. Sorry to hear you are still having to deal with the mess. It is so frustrating. They are all supposed to be back on schedule next week!

Wendy said...

HA!! He just might be, Allie!

I can't believe you're still getting snow. Not cool, Mother Nature.