Thursday, March 26, 2015

Emily's Dreams

Our house is attached to and part of a hotel in China. We are staying there at the hotel and our room is Allie's room. We've been told that if we use a bathroom more than one time, wolves will appear. Emily needs to go to the bathroom so she uses the one in the hall. The second time she needs to go to the bathroom, I remind her that she can't use the one in the hall again so she'll need to use the one attached to the master bedroom but she forgets and she uses the one in the hall which means she has used a bathroom more than once and as she was warned, a pack of wolves appear.

After the dream, she appears at my bedside. We walk hand in hand to her room and I tuck her back into bed. She's fine. About an hour or so later, I hear her crying out in her sleep. "Do you want to go check on her?" I ask Rich. This is my way I've saying that I'm too tired to get up again. He gets up but hesitates in the doorway, waiting to see if she'll work it out. Nope. She wakes up and sprints into our room.

"Was it the wolves again?"
"No. A porcupine bit me in the back!"

She was laughing about those dreams the next day, which is why they are posted here, with her permission. After hearing the details of the first dream, I fear that my OCD, especially as it relates to public restrooms, may have been a contributing factor! I'm not sure where the wolves come from though. A few weeks ago, we spotted two coyotes traveling across the back of our property, behind what is technically the yard. We've seen deer, rabbits, a lone fox and on occasion, turkeys, which I'm betting the "on occasion" is due to the fox, but we had never seen coyotes. I'm sure the snow has made it difficult for wildlife though and they are traveling farther for food. I'm glad we have a fenced-in yard.

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