Saturday, March 21, 2015

Big Sky

Our home stands on what was once farmland.  Mature pines border the neighborhood while younger trees line backyards.  Presumably, the farm had been defunct for quite some time before the developer stepped in.  The decision to purchase this home wasn't one that I expected to make seeing as our first home was over 100 years old but sometimes life throws triplets at you and well, you do things you wouldn't think you would do.  I complain about the lack of mature trees on the street.  Sure, there are trees out back but otherwise, yards are somewhat barren, the house roasts in the sun during the summer and we're sitting at the end of a giant wind tunnel.

BUT this lack of trees combined with the position of our home affords us unobstructed, quite often beautiful, views of the sky, most especially in the evening when the sun is setting.  The neighbors probably think I'm nutso because quite often I can be found out front with my camera.  Sometimes in my pajamas.


The sky was completely cloudless a few nights ago and there was one bright star that looked so fake I thought it was a plane even though flight paths are behind us.  Rich and I conferred and concluded that it was definitely a star as it hadn't moved in the time we observed it.  I waited until the blue hour (the time right after the sun disappears completely below the horizon) and attempted a hand held photo.  I was shaking so much from the cold that it was a complete failure and I needed to get the kids in bed so tripod setup was not an option.  Plus, I'm freaking cold and I'm so tired of being freaking cold.

I've slacked off on taking photos this winter.  I blame the weather for my lack of motivation.  I may need to give myself some projects to get back in gear.

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