Wednesday, March 18, 2015

State of the snow

There was a spattering of snow during Sunday afternoon/evening that was just enough to push this winter into the top spot for MOST SNOW EVER on record.  I think we're at just over 108 inches of snow.  The (now) second snowiest winter for Boston was 1995-1996.  I remember it well as it was a brutal tax season.  Imagine driving home from work at eleven, or midnight, or one in the morning and then shoveling your driveway.  (Shhhh, don't tell anyone but one of the best parts of marriage is free snow removal.)


I took these pictures Sunday afternoon.  The girls, mainly Emily and Anna, wanted to play outside in the snow.  I think they were suffering from a touch of cabin fever after having been stuck on the couch for five days.  Apparently, we had a bit of a warm front blow through here last week.  One day, it reached 60 degrees!  I wouldn't know though as I was nursing two sick ones and didn't step foot outside.  Despite the warmer weather and rain, we still have lots and lots of snow around.




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Caroline said...

That picture of Emily in the hole in the snow is so cool!