Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fathers and daughters

Well, I sort of messed up the father-daughter dance photos this year.  The dance was scheduled to begin a half hour after the girls' gymnastics classes ended. So, yeah, talk about a scramble to change clothes and do hair.  There are a few curls, kind of, maybe waves, that will have to do!



(Emily's face.  Ha ha ha)

I also didn't have much choice when it came to a camera lens to use.  My options were limited to my wide angle (14-24mm) or my 85mm, which was too tight for what I was looking for and I didn't have time to change lenses.  I went with the wide angle and cropped.  Using a wide angle on people can give you an interesting, fun perspective or it can stretch your head out, which is why Rich's head is cropped off.  Well, in one his eyes were closed.





There's more to life than photos.

[Since I switched over to full frame, I've been debating between a 35mm prime or a 50mm prime.  I don't need both and would rather spend money on buying a good one versus two okay ones.  I think I'm going with a 50mm.]


LEfting said...

Your little girls are just beautiful! So sweet!

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sarah, seriously, you have to tell us (or me at least!) who is who! I can't tell the difference. :-)

Christa said...


Wendy said...

Go with the 50 for a full frame-- it's what the eye sees "naturally". If you put a 35mm on a full frame, you will get some facial and lens distortion :)

Anon-- it's Anna in the black, Allie in the middle and Emily on the end :) (right?) They are so darn cute!!

Caroline said...

Anna looks like a little rocker chick! I love it. Emily and Allie's facial expressions throughout are hilarious. I just can't imagine how proud you must be of those gorgeous little ones.