Monday, November 17, 2014

{Disney} Day 6 - Magic Kingdom, morning

This was to be our last full day at Disney and we planned to make the most of it. Although, I did want to be back to the rooms early so that I could pack. Rich didn't understand my obsession with packing to return home but I have four people to take care of, compared to his one, and the room was a mess. I didn't want to deal with it in the morning.  And yes, I was obsessed.

Slight sidetrack to talk about the rooms at the Polynesian.  These rooms sleep five with two queen sized beds and this bed that folds out from the couch.


Allie called this her "private bed."  She slept in it almost every night and said she liked it but once we returned home, she told me that she had been afraid she was going to find a snake under the covers.  I think she heard some snake talk.  One day at the pool, another guest was telling the lifeguard that a snake had been sunning itself on their patio.  Ack!  


We ate breakfast in our rooms and then headed to Magic Kingdom via the boat, our preferred mode of transportation from our resort.





Lady Tremaine and Cinderella's stepsisters take turns with the Fairy Godmother meeting and greeting behind the castle in the mornings. We had already met the Fairy Godmother so we headed back there first to see if Lady T and the step isters were out. They were not - the Fairy Godmother was there - but we were told that they would be out in a bit.


We walked down the other side of the castle and joined the line to meet Merida, which was fairly short but quickly grew.


We then went back behind the castle and joined the line to meet Cinderella's stepmother and sisters. They weren't out yet and only a very short line had formed. That's the trick with some of these character meets - get in line before the character comes out because once other guests see the character, the line grows quickly. Out of sight, out of mind I guess. These characters seemed to be more tame than in the past. Don't get me wrong - the meet was still good. I just found it interesting that they didn't seem to have as much sass.



We had a little bit of time to kill before our Winnie the Pooh ride FP+ time so we checked out that princess gift shop behind the castle before heading over to the ride. After Winnie the Pooh, the girls wanted to ride Splash Mountain, which didn't have a long stand-by wait time, so we headed off to that end of the park. It was still fairly warm out but didn't feel as hot as the day before. Maybe because there was more shade at Magic Kingdom? At the last minute, Emily decided to not ride and hung out with Grammy. Somehow Anna and I ended up in the front of the log. Never again! I was soaked. Because of the heat though, I dried out in ten minutes.

We had a lunch ADR at 12:50 for Crystal Palace. When we exited Splash Mountain, there was the M&G for Woody and Jessie. The girls and I joined the line while Rich went to find Grammy and Emily. We had about 30 minutes or so before we would have to be at Crystal Palace and while there was a line, it wasn't terribly long. It didn't extend past the ropes and it was moving. Long story short - we didn't get to meet them.  It appeared that Bullseye needed a lot of water that day and the cast member/handler appeared to be, um, new.  We had to bail so we wouldn't miss our ADR window.  Thankfully, the girls weren't overly bummed.  I told them we would try again later if we had time.

Up next - Would Tigger behave?  Lunch at Crystal Palace.

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