Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Life lately

-  Anna, the child who claimed she would be the only 100 year old with baby teeth, finally, FINALLY lost her first tooth!


And solidifying the identicalness of identicals, her first tooth lost was her left central incisor (same as her sisters) and she also had a shark tooth (same as her sisters.)  Unlike her sisters was the fact that I actually plucked the tooth out for her.  After a week of it hanging on by a thread, it had to go.

- So far second grade has been going well.  We don't have our first parent/teacher conferences until December but lots of paperwork makes it way home on a daily basis.  I like seeing these




Maybe, possibly one of these kids can secure some type of scholarship for college.

- Seven years of age has been full of surprises.  The girls took an interest in learning about the presidents and I've found Allie reading a (really thick) book of Rich's that talks about the "human" side of the presidents.  She recently checked this out from her school library


and read it to her class on her day to be guest reader.  She also, unbeknownst to us, was reading a Time magazine.  

Allie:  "There were 43 students in Mexico who were kidnapped and killed."    
Me:  "What?  Where did you hear that?"
Allie:  "I read it in Time."
Me:  "Why were you reading that?"
Allie:  "Taylor Swift was on the cover."

Then she started telling us about all the records Taylor Swift and Usher have sold.  She has no idea who Usher is, by the way.

- Last week, I chaperoned a field trip to Plimouth Plantation for Anna's class.  Emily's class was also there at the same time and we were able to see her several times throughout the day.  My reason for chaperoning (besides wanting to) was to be able to cath Anna in our van and also to help her walk around.  There were only four chaperones needed per class and because more than four parents said they were available, the teachers actually drew names from hats.  I went in place of a nurse for Anna's class.  The cathing part went fine.  The walking around part was tough.  There was a TON of walking and we had two boys in our group who kept running ahead, forcing all of us to walk super fast.  I still hadn't recovered my voice from when I had been sick, so yelling for them to halt wasn't as effective as it would have been if I'd had my normal big mouth.

There were a few times I had to pick her up and carry her.  Mostly up hills.  She weighs 40 pounds which is almost 40% of what I weigh and I am not strong but I'll carry her until my arms start to give out.  I couldn't figure out an alternative for her to get around besides walking but that was just too much walking for her.  It all worked out in the end and I was prepared to crack a joke if any of the kids said anything about me carrying her.  But no one blinked an eye.  The two girls in our group were awesome and one of them watches out for Anna so that helped the situation.  Walking issues are the norm for Anna so it didn't really bother her.  It's what she's used to.  She had fun on the field and that's the most important part.      

- I finally installed the RunKeeper app on my phone.  I'd been curious as to how long my commuting walk is so I used it Monday morning.


Yeah, city walking is sloooow walking.


Sarah said...

"Taylor Swift was on the cover."
hahahahahaha! LOVE IT!

Berty said...

Best way to get a scholarship that I never knew about until it was too late - PSAT.
Have them study harder for the PSAT than for the SAT. Seriously.
Gets you a free ride to a list of schools across the country.

Kate said...

You might consider a soft structured carrier like a Toddler Tula (that's the one with the highest weight limit that I know of). That way you can carry her on your back which is a lot easier. I know it's marketed as a baby carrier but several moms in one of my special needs support groups use them with older kids with endurance issues when strollers aren't appropriate for some reason.

Katie said...

I laughed so hard as I read the story about Time magazine. Do the kiddos read Time for Kids at school? We used to read those and work on corresponding activities with my students. It is a great publication! Or, maybe she's just ready to skip right ahead to the more sophisticated version :)

Anonymous said...

I lost two teeth in preK...then the rest as a fourth grader ;)

EmilyRT said...

I was going to suggest a carrier, too. We love the Ergo. I also have heard good things about the Baby Bjorn One. They both go up to 50lbs.

Anonymous said...

Yay for a lost tooth and a fun fieldtrip! 40lbs is heavy! Go Sarah!

Sarah said...

A jogging stroller would have worked well but for the fact that it may have caused the kids to make fun of her for riding in a stroller. For her field trip to the zoo last year, the nurse suggested a wagon, which was allowed at the zoo. She said that they could put some bags in the wagon as a decoy and Anna could hop in there if she got tired. They were concerned with not bringing attention to Anna. At this field trip, we saw other kids getting piggy back rides, etc so we were able to fly under the radar.