Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some stuff

Rich and I recently attended "curriculum night" at the girls' school.  So while the curriculum is the same in all the second grade classes, the teachers may do some things differently.  Such as homework, which I plan to write about at some point.  Not the difference but what they have.  Because we couldn't be in three classrooms at the same time, we stopped into Anna's room to see the note she left us and say hi to her teacher.  Emily's BFF is in her room this year so her parents filled us in afterwards.  Rich went to Allie's room and I sat in Emily's room for the presentations.  The big thing for curriculum night is that the kids leave a note or letter of some kind for their parents.  Allie's teacher was a bit creative and had the kids write out what they think their parents do all day.

Here's what Allie thought.  (Note that I would have taken a picture of it but there was some personal info on there that I was too lazy to photoshop out and she butchered the spelling of 'tax returns' so unless you know what she's writing, it doesn't make sense.)

My dad work at the bank.  He makes a lot of money.  My mom does tax returns and she talks to other work people.  She's busy.  My Grandma is my babysitter.  After she drops us off she goes shopping.

And by "makes a lot of money" she's referring to actually making money.  Like printing bills.  Ahhhhh...

Emily finally lost her second baby tooth months after the adult tooth had come in behind it.



I was actually thinking that we needed to contact her dentist because it hadn't come out.  Allie and Anna had decided to eat apples for a snack one afternoon and Emily joined them.  I told her to bite on the apple with that tooth to get it out.  I walked into the other room and she yelled out, "My tooth came out."  I thought she was joking but nope, it really did come out.  Hooray!  Poor Anna.  She once again cried, "I'm going to be 100 years old with all my baby teeth."  I told her she couldn't say that now that her 5 year (or whatever year they are) molars have come it.


My trio of trouble


JEN said...

They look all grown up!

MeghanF said...

I think I was 7 or 8 before I lost my first tooth - I remember thinking I was late in losing them. LOL. So Anna should know it's totally normal! :) And I was always told that the longer it takes/the older you are, the healthier your teeth. Don't know if that's true, or was just to make some kids feel better.

Jamie said...

you can tell Anna that I have twins and my almost 7 year old has not lost one baby tooth yet, but the twin has lost 4! She is not alone. The dentist said girls like Anna who lose teeth lather have healthy adult teeth!

Wendy said...

Anna, you'd be the cutest 100 year old lady ever.