Sunday, October 5, 2014

Back from Disney. . .

and I'm exhausted.  I do feel better after a night in my own bed and an hour long nap this morning.

We left early last Sunday morning and returned yesterday afternoon.  A week before our vacation, Allie came down with a cold.  It turned out to be short lived and ran its course over the weekend so she didn't have to miss any school.  She bounced back quickly and thankfully didn't have any wheezing, which she has had with other colds.  (I'm a bit nervous with this enterovirus D68 outbreak going on.)   She doesn't sleep well when sick, even if just a minor cold, and we all know that if she doesn't sleep well, I don't sleep well.  So there was a night where I was up every hour on the hour.  I was feeling run down and a few days later, it really hit me full force.  A stupid cold.  I still don't know where I picked it up because half of the people I work with have been sick too.   Although, they appear to have had what I did, while Allie's was not as bad.  Well, maybe the kids are just bouncing back better than the adults.  Ugh.  So anyway, I struggled to make it through work Wednesday and Thursday and then had to call in sick on Friday.  I managed to bring the kids to school and then went back to bed.  I asked Grammy to pick them up from school and do the gymnastics thing, so for the most part, I was able to have a real sick day.

Up to that point, I still hadn't finished their Disney outfits.  The weekend before, I set up a schedule for myself for the week but falling ill didn't fit into the schedule and I quickly fell behind.  Thank goodness for Grammy.  As you'll see, she helped out a ton for this trip.  I asked her to pick up the slack on the sewing front and she did so without complaint.  One of the main reasons why we decided to begin our vacation on Sunday instead of Saturday was so that Rich could ensure that payroll at the bank was all set.  It all worked out because I really needed that day to finish sewing, run laundry and pack.  That Saturday morning, I had 3 applique patches to sew on tank tops and a Rapunzel skirt to sew.  The girls were asking when we were leaving, etc. and Allie said to me," Wow, this must be really hard for you.  You have a lot to do."  It helps that they are old enough to "get it" now.  For the most part.  They packed their carry-on bags, which held their homework, activity books, journals, and lovies.  I was very impressed with how well they packed.    

Needless to say, a "vacation" at Disney requires an endless supply of energy, especially when traveling with three kids, and my levels were running very low to begin with.  I really needed a few more days of rest.  Thankfully, I wasn't stuffed up, just really, really tired.  Not the best way to begin a Disney trip.  I went to sleep every night just about when or right after the kids did.  I brought my kindle with me and never even opened it.

It's a good thing I don't have any major sewing projects planned in the near future because I need a bit of a break.  Plus, my sewing area is a disaster right now.  I do want to make the girls library bags for a Christmas present.  That shouldn't be a big deal and I have plenty of time to plan for it.

The one thing that I find so odd about being in Florida is the lack of a seasonal feel.  So even though the parks were decorated for Halloween, it didn't feel like fall to me.  It felt like summer with Halloween/fall decorations hung up.  Just like when we were there in December a few years ago and I didn't feel "seasonal" because of the warm weather.  When we arrived home yesterday, we found the trees out front in full color.


This is fall to me.



Stay tuned for many Disney posts in the upcoming weeks.  As Rich said, we learn more with each trip.  I will have regular and catch-up posts as well.  Thank you all for the comments and book suggestions on my reading post!  I do about 85% of my reading during my daily train commute.  If it weren't for that train time, I would be lucky to get through a book a month.


Baby Detective Agency said...

I used to live in FL and there is a fall feeling, compared to the rest of the year, that kicks in around late October; temperatures dip to 70 (!) and everyone breaks out the long sleeves.

Now I live in an area where 70 is summer weather. Took me a bit to get used to that, but now the 'fall' feeling is the same. Weird how that works.

Christi said...

looking forward to your Disney recaps, Sarah. DH and I are going next month. I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas decorations while still wearing shorts!

Christina said...

We returned from Disney on Saturday. Stayed at the Beach Club with our one year old.
I hope you guys have fun! The weather was ok, minus the rain Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sarah said...

Christina - Hope you enjoyed the Beach Club - we really did. I agree that the weather was just ok- the rain was miserable. If I never wear a poncho again, it will be too soon.

Christi - agree - there's something to be said about wearing shorts while checking out Disney's Xmas decor. I'll take heat over freezing anytime.