Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Disney Park Bags

There are a few things I want to post before I get into my trip report - the girls' park bags, which is this post, and pictures from our last beach day down at the Cape this year.  Those pictures will be up sometime this week.  Okay, now onto the park bags!

If you're active in the Disney sewing community, you know all about park bags.  If you've never heard of a park bag, well, it's exactly what you think it is - a bag designed to carry what you need for touring the parks.  During our trip almost two years ago, I felt like I was constantly rummaging through the bottom of the stroller, searching for the girls' autograph books or for a pen for character autographs.  I thought that the girls would be mature enough to carry their own bags on this trip and had planned to sew them each a bag.

I had planned to sew many, many things.

Here were my design requirements for their bags:
  1. Should be big enough to carry their autograph books and a few small items but not any larger than necessary.  I didn't expect them to be pack mules.
  2. Should have a zipper closure.  I didn't want any accidental dumping of bag contents.
  3. Should be able to be worn easily and comfortably - preferably cross-body.
I looked for a pattern over the summer but didn't really find anything.  I figured I could pull something together but "pulling something together" usually means messing up and starting over again, of which I did not have time for.  August ended and I was way behind on my outfit sewing and had made zero progress with the bags.  Well, in my head, I had made some progress.  This is when I turned to Grammy to see what she could pull together.  She agreed with my requirements and ended up making the most perfect bags ever.

I'll start with Emily's Tink bag.


I wish that I could have photographed these in a whimsical manner but I couldn't so you'll have to deal with the cutting mat on the floor instead.


The front zipper pocket was just deep enough to hold items such as an extra hair elastic or an unworn Magic Band.


Apparently, my bag photography skills need some work.  There's the inside of the bag.

Anna's princess bag.



Allie's Minnie bag.



I added these little princess Minnie heads to their bags.  (Anna didn't want one.)  Emily called it "Disney spirit."


The girls loved their bags and carried them everywhere without being asked to.  I had feared that they would constantly take them off and toss them into the storage part of the stroller but that never happened.  It definitely made things a bit easier, especially keeping track of those important autograph books.  They even carried their (dry) rain ponchos in there as well.  My little kids are turning into big kids.


Susanne said...

These are beyond precious. I want one for my next Disney trip.

Cindy said...

How adorable! We're going down the day after Thanksgiving. I've given up on making custom outfits because my girls (4 & 10 years old) don't ever want to wear them after we've gotten home the past 2 times. But I bet they would love & use something like this after our trip.

Do you mind revealing their dimentions & how long the strap is?

I don't know how you do all the things you do. You must have some super secret time machine to give you 4 extra hours every day!

Ashlee said...

Grammy did such an awesome job! These are so cute! I really think you could retire and just open a shop!

RachelW said...

Love these!!!! I agree you and Grammy could open up shop!

Katie said...

I love these! I need a tutorial on them so I can make them for our next trip!

Kari said...

These are adorable! I would definitely purchase all 3 of these park bags!

Cynthia said...

Those are perfect!

Beth said...

Can Grammy do a tutorial? Those are great!

Sarah said...

Thanks! I'll have to measure one of the bags tomorrow and can give you all the size. Grammy did use a pattern (That's my secret, Cindy - I have a Grammy!) If she doesn't comment with the name of it, I'll get the info from her and let you all know.

Christi said...

the bags are beautiful!! You and Grammy are a great team. Now you've got me thinking I should head to the Vera Bradley outlet and see what they have for "grown up" park bags!!

*~~**~~**~ Sheree said...

Where did you find that Minnie fabric? We are working on tutus! Adorable bags, btw!

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting around to reading Sarah's blog. Hope I can answer questions about the park bags the girls used. I used the Amanda Cross-Body Purse pattern designed by Lisa Williams of Funktional Threads :) The finished bag size was 9"h x 8"w x 3"d...I made the medium size bag. Lisa gives directions for an adjustable strap but I couldn't find the needed hardware so I just cut the strap 30" and once it was attached to the bag it ended up being 28"-29" long. Which worked out well for going across their chest and easy on and off. Their autograph books were 5" x 7"...they fit in the bag okay but I think I will make the bag an inch or so longer in height the next.

TanyaMom23 said...

These are precious! I am bringing the girls, very small Minnie mouse backpacks, but I doubt they'll wear them the whole time. I need to get them autograph books, just remembered that! I agree Sarah, you could retire and do Photography and sewing, maybe even Disney travel planning for others... you're both so talented!

Tanya (Mom to Jackson 9 and Ava & Emma 5), and ready for our first trip to Disney in just a few days!!!