Monday, September 29, 2014

Reading - Books - Love

Are they still called 'books' if they're digital files you've read on your kindle?

I'm still very much enjoying my kindle, mostly for its convenience.  I do miss the feel of real books and turning real pages though.  But back to the good stuff.  All of the books I've read thus far have been borrowed from the library and I'm not close to running out of options.  I always have a book I'm reading and another ready to go.  The thought of buying a book through Amazon, unless it costs $.99, and being limited on how I can lend it to others kind of fills me with rage.  I recently discovered that Amazon has a kindle unlimited option, which seems appealing to me.  I'm keeping it in mind.

I want to mention one of the benefits I discovered when we went to New Hampshire back in July.  When we put the kids to bed while away from home, we turn the lights down, the TV is off and the adults act like we are going to sleep too.  After the kids fall asleep, assuming we haven't fallen asleep as well, we'll read or check whatever needs checking on our phones.  I loved how I was able to lay on my side on the bed with the kindle propped up, the light turned low and read to my heart's content without disturbing anyone.

Since my post back at the end of June, here's what I've read:

Dark Places 
Paper Towns
We Are Water
The Invention of Wings
Water for Elephants
Sharp Objects
Orphan Train
The Weight of Blood

I'm currently reading The Kept by James Scott.

While I really liked The Hunger Games trilogy, I found that the Divergent series had what I felt The Hunger Games was missing.  I liked knowing that that they were in Chicago.  When reading The Hunger Games, I found myself trying to figure out where in the U.S. they were.  I was kind of obsessed with it, actually.  I did find the relationships/love in both series to be awkward, which I suppose goes with the young adult category.

I do like Gillian Flynn's books and writing style (Dark Places and Sharp Objects) but they can be dark.  As was The Weight of Blood, the writing of which was very similar.

I really liked Water for Elephants.  Thank you for the suggestion!  My favorite book above, without a doubt, was The Invention of Wings.  That was most definitely 5 stars.  Orphan Train was also 5 stars.  I have a love for historical fiction.

Okay, so Paper Towns. . .  my first John Green book.  While I liked his writing style, this was probably the first "young adult" book I've read that was most definitely young adult.  The subject matter, plot, etc was a bit meh for me.  I also did not care for the ending at all and I'm usually one who prefers the non-typical ending.  On a positive note, I did find it interesting to learn what a paper town is.

Here are a few books I've stumbled upon and added to my reading list:

The Paris Wife
Black Mass
The Handmaid's Tale
The Dressmaker - Kate Alcott
The House Girl
The Kitchen House 
What She Left Behind

Read on, my friends.  Read on!


Katie said...

I just finished The Rosie Project and I highly reccomend it. It's a cute read that's both fast and satisfying.

Caroline said...

I also read a lot of those books this summer! One of the books I enjoyed most, and one that isn't on your potentials list, is The Goldfinch. It's loooongg, but it's an epic, and a fascinating one!

Sharp Objects left me with nightmares. Dark Objects I liked the least of Flynn's books, but this might be because I heard they're casting Charlize Theron to play Libby Day! So wrong!

Michelle Geissler said...

Loved the Divergent series. I highly recommend the "Birthmarked" trilogy by Caragh O'Brien. :-)

Grace said...

Sorry if this is a DUP, I don't think it went through before. My recommendations: For Kings and Planets, The Time Traveller's Wife, and Middlesex

Jeri said... can type "free kindle books" and thousands of titles come up. I have found many great books this way!

Ashlee said...

Love these posts! I haven't had time to read so I have nothing to offer but I'm adding a few of these to my list!

Anonymous said...

Can't speak to the others, but "A Handmaid's Tale", while very good, is tough to read in terms of the subject matter (not the writing itself).

You must, must, must add "Me Before You" by JoJo Moyes to your list. One of my lifetime favourites.

And my absolute favourite: The Bronze Horseman trilogy by Paullina Simons. Historical fiction, around real events. Absolutely beautiful story and it will stay with you.

Anonymous said...

Can't speak to the others, but "A Handmaid's Tale", while very good, is tough to read in terms of the subject matter (not the writing itself).

You must, must, must add "Me Before You" by JoJo Moyes to your list. One of my lifetime favourites.

And my absolute favourite: The Bronze Horseman trilogy by Paullina Simons. Historical fiction, around real events. Absolutely beautiful story and it will stay with you.


Ashley_B said...

You should sign up at They find the free books on amazon that day in all different types of genres and either email you or I have mine in my Bloglovin' app. Try it out!

Unknown said...

We clearly have the same taste in books! I am 50 pages from the end of 'The Invention of Wings' and it'll be the first thing I'll recommend to people for a long time to come! I've read The Paris Wife, The Dressmaker and The Kitchen House from your to read list. None will stack up, but all are good. If you have not read Kidd's 'The Secret Life of Bees', add that to your list! I am also looking at a historical fiction, 'The Traitor's Wife' by Allison Patacki next! Enjoy!

Kim and Matt said...

If you like historical fiction, I'd recommend "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant.

BreezieGirl said...

You should add Four to your list - I just discovered it. It's about Four and a mostly prequel to the Divergent Trilogy from Four's perspective. There's one piece that runs concurrent with Divergent after he meets Tris.

I just read Sharp Objects last week and really liked it. I liked it more than Dark Places. I still need to read Gone Girl.

The lending limitations of e-books fills me with rage too.

Whitney said...

Love reading recommendations! I'm amazed you can read AND blog...I always seem to get caught up doing one or another. I guess with a train commute though, things are different! Lots of time for both.

Also, glad you agree that Kindle books are NOT worth $10+...I mean, seriously, you can buy the paperback for that and what does it really cost to send a digital copy in comparison?

Cindy said...

I've "read" 92 books this year - target of 100. I use the air quotes around "read" because I listen to audiobooks while I'm running around, putting the girls to bed, and crocheting. I've only had the opportunity to flip the pages of a real book on our summer vacation this year when I read The Selection series, which was really good for YA.

More suggestions for you...

Invisible - James Patterson
The Lunar Chronicles - Marissa Meyer
Look Again - Lisa Scottoline (or anything else by Lisa Scottoline)
I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You - Courtney Maum
Between Shades of Gray - Ruta Sepetys (not at all realted to the skanky Shades of Gray)
We Were Liars - E. Lockhart
The Circle - Dave Eggars - I think this was on the last list I gave you, but worth repeating!

Happy "reading"!

Cait said...

First, I very much enjoy reading your blog but have never commented! Books are one of my very favorite things to discuss and I had to chime in here. If you read and love The Handmaid's Tale (like I did!) you must try Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake series. It's another dystopian series, written for adults, and I found it had a lot of what I felt some of the young adult novels are missing.

Jordan said...

I am definitely adding Then Handmaid's Tale to my "to-read list" after everyone seems to be raving about it. Also, do you have a Goodreads account? That's where I find a lot of my books!

Anonymous said...

The Handmaid's Tale was one that I read in high school and had to write a lengthy paper on. It is one that I've gone back to many times because it had such a huge impact on me. The subject matter is not easy, but it is well written and worth the read.

Other books that I have come back to are London (Edward Rutherfurd), Watership Down (Richard Adams), and Doomsday Book (Connie Willis).

I always recommend anything by Sarah Addison Allen!

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary Ann Shaffer), The Red Tent (Anita Diamant), ROOM (Emma Donoghue- but use caution reading this!) are also good.

I recently read The Tilted World by Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly, which I did like but may have triggers.

I'm currently reading 150 Pounds by Kate Rockland and although the idea behind it intrigued me (two bloggers writing from opposite ends of the Weight Debate spectrum) I'm not really into the style of writing, so it's taking me a while to push through.

Nancy Schlicher said...

I love it when you blog about what you're ready. I too love books and debated switching to a kindle. Like you, I enjoy the ease of the kindle but there's something very therapeutic about the feel and smell of an actual book. I plan to explore several of the books you've read. Please keep on doing what you do! And thanks!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I just finished the Goldfinch. Loved it! This summer i was hooked on JoJo Moyes books. Loved Me Before You. If you like historical fiction you will enjoy The girl you left behind. Have you read The Husband's secret or What Alice forgot? Both so good!