Sunday, July 20, 2014

What the girls have been wearing + shopping for 3

We survived the last summer season without swimsuit cover-ups for the girls because by the time I had time to shop, summer clothes had been replaced with back to school clothes.  I usually refuse to pay full price for clothes, especially when I know there will eventually be a sale.  And time does equal money in some cases but I just can't swallow spending $ like that when there's $ to be spent elsewhere.  And when you have 3 who are the same size, there are no hand-me-downs.  So this year, even though I could find cover-ups for $20-$25, I put off buying anything because that times 3 = $60-$75.

I was running errands last weekend with Allie and Emily and we popped into The Children's Place, where I found adorable bathing suit cover-ups marked down to $7.50 each and if I hadn't been busy dividing up an Auntie Anne's original pretzel with no salt, I would have remembered to use the 25% off coupon I had on my phone.  Oh, well.

When the girls were younger, I did a fair amount of buying ahead during season end clearance sales.  That worked well for awhile and then as the girls' growth slowed down, I felt like we just had too much.  I have started up purchasing ahead of time again if I see a really great deal.  The key is to limit how much you buy, especially when many items can be worn for more than one season.

So here are some items the girls have been wearing (they choose their own outfits) and enjoying this summer:


Dress:  The Children's Place
Sandals:  OshKosh outlet


I LOVE this dress on Anna.  It looks absolutely adorable.

Dress:  Old Navy
Sandals:  Target - last year, clearance.  I think I paid $2.50 for them.


I bought this fish dress on clearance at the Carter's outlet store when the girls were babies and stashed it up on the shelf in Allie's closet.  It finally fits!


Dress:  The Children's Place
Hat:  Gymboree




Dress:  Old Navy end of season clearance, last year
Sandals:  Gymboree


I usually only buy at Gymboree when I can get a good deal.  I picked up this cute sundress for only $6.33.  I also really, really like their bathing suits, which I can usually get for $9 each during a super sale.

I'm convinced that Allie secretly reads fashion blogs.  This kid is so easy to photograph because she poses without any direction.  Here are some examples of fashion blog standard posing by a 7 year old:

The pigeon toe


And walking away with hand up to her hair.  She actually said, "Take a picture of me walking away."


JEN said...

I love clearance and bargains!

Erin said...

Any advice on how many clothes a kid actually needs? I struggle with that.

Michele said...

So cute!

My girls really like dresses like those, but they don't meet their school's dress code requirement, so they'd never get to wear them. It really bugs me that I can't find non-strappy summer dresses sometimes.

Sarah said...

Erin - I sometimes struggle with it too. They need enough to go at least a week w/out me doing laundry. It depends on the season too.

Michele - My girls don't wear dresses to school very often so these are really just summer wear. I heard a rumor that no tank tops were allowed at their school but it was never confirmed. They did wear some the last few weeks (it wasn't hot enough before then) and no one ever said anything. But I did notice that most of the summer dresses out there have those tank top tops.

Wendy said...

Allie :*) Cute pics!