Saturday, July 19, 2014

An afternoon at the lake that's really a pond

I have some in-laws (nice in-laws) who live on a body of water that's officially a pond but folks often refer to it as a lake.  I tend to be a Nervous Nelly when it comes to water related activities with the kids but I like it here because 1. the pond is small and so there aren't speeding boats 2. residents of the pond are the only ones out there boating and 3. there have never been any accidents.  (Can you tell that I just read a John Green book?)  So a few weekends ago, we were invited over to the pond for some swim time.  I need to invite ourselves back over one evening for more dock photos.








Her latest trick is swimming underwater for a few strokes before resurfacing.  She still can't really float on the surface on her own but she can do that.  We're working on it.





Judy Nussbaum said...

Gorgeous shots! Looks like a great day! Which lens did you use for these close-ups?? They're so fantastic!

I purchased the 85mm based on your recommendation and have been so pleased with the quality. Thank you!!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Judy. I only had my 35mm with me. With the water, etc, I didn't want to be messing around with camera equipment. Glad you are enjoying the 85!