Monday, July 21, 2014

According to...

On future planning:

Allie:  "If you become president, do you have to drive yourself to Washington, DC or do they send a limo or something to pick you up?"

On road rage:

Allie:  "Oh, great.  Now there's a motorcycle.  When is this going to end?"

On what I should have figured out before I was 29:

Allie:  "I would never marry a rock star."

Me:  "Why not?"

Allie:  "I'd never get to see him.  He'd be so busy performing.  And then those people would always be knocking on our door."

On fashion:

Allie:  "I asked Grammy why those people always wearing those "cool" skull and crossbones and she told me that they were trying to look cool."

Me:  "Do you want me to get you a shirt with a skull and crossbones on it?"

Emily:  "No!  Then my friends will think I'm scary."

On babies:

Me:  "Don't you want to go and see the baby?"

Allie:  (fake crying)  "No.  He always gives me a dirty look."

Me:  (laughing)  "What do you mean?"

Allie:  "When I talk to him, he looks at me like I'm crazy."

Me:  "Well. . . ."

On BFFs:

Allie:  "My second best friend is Elmo."

Anna:  "He can't be your best friend."

Allie:  "Why?"

Anna:  "First of all, he's a boy.  Second, he's a stuffed animal."

On career choices:

Allie:  "Emily doesn't want to work at Wendy's because of the uniforms."

Allie:  "I don't want to be a Tax Return Person."

Me:  "Why not?"

Allie:  "I don't even know what you do at that place.  What do you do?  Send out bills or something?"

Me:  "Well, not really.  We put numbers on forms."

Allie:  "That sounds boring."

On pets:

Allie:  "When I grow up and marry someone can we get a dog?"

Me:  "Sure.  You can do whatever you want."

Allie:  "Okay.  I don't want to get a little one or a big one.  I want to get a one that's a teenager."


Michelle - NZ said...

So funny!

Katie said...

Hilarious! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha - so funny! Love it!