Friday, February 7, 2014

For the love of burlap

This cabinet used to hold my wine glass collection.


I don't even drink wine.  But I have a wine glass collection.

Now that the girls are older, the cabinet sits in the corner of our family room.  I wanted to use it for storage of items such as DVDs and linens but didn't like the glass doors displaying junk.  My original plan called for fabric curtains on the inside of the cabinet.  I spent months and months hemming and hawing over how to approach that project and then one night, shortly after I had made my autumn banner, I was thinking of Anna's burlap comment as I looked at the cabinet and thought, Why not cover the glass with burlap?

So that's what I did.



Please excuse the collection of crap all over the hearth.  I suppose I should have cleaned it up first but I didn't.  It's clean now.  I spent the better part of last weekend cleaning the family/dining room and it's stayed clean.  Yes, cleaning your house with your kids in it is like brushing your teeth an Oreo but if you keep it at, it eventually gets clean.  I have to remind them to pick up their stuff at the end of the day but they've been cooperating.

How is the burlap held in place?  Masking tape.  


Ashley_B said...

What a great idea! I might try this

The Itinerant Seamstress said...

I love it! That cabinet is awesome too.

Sarah Baker said...

I love love it! Great idea and such a pretty cabinet!

Wendy said...

That is my kind of home improvement project! Tape and material. Perfect.