Sunday, February 9, 2014


of life from this past week.

The girls
  • added the Frozen soundtrack to their CD collection.  Let It Go appears to be the favorite.
  • all scored 100% on their spelling tests.
  • thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow this weekend after our midweek storm.  Anna was the most excited and anxious to get out there.



I continue to be amazed at how much homework the girls have as first graders.  Again, maybe it's because there are three of them with the same or similar work but it just seems like a lot.  I didn't really expect this sort of chaotic school night stuff until they were older.  We also encourage them to read to us almost every night and we run through math facts, as suggested by their teachers.  Five minutes here and ten minutes there can add up quickly when there are three kids.  The other night I told Allie I was proud of her after she read to me.  She responded with, "You should be."

Emily was (finally) moved up to an advanced reading group after the most recent literacy testing.  I knew she wasn't being challenged with the reading group she was in but she wasn't completely bored either.  This seems to be a much better fit.  That kid has been reading the American Girl books to herself and to me.  She needs help with some words, like encouragingly and camouflage, but otherwise, she cruises right along.  


I continue to search (and sometimes find) beauty in winter.  It's my least favorite season but I have to live with it.  Might as well try to enjoy some of it.  

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