Sunday, November 17, 2013

In the spirit of burlap and Allie's first sewing project

Last week, I hit up Joann with a 25% off my total purchase (including sale items) coupon burning a hole in my pocket.  Fall fabrics were on sale so I grabbed 3/4ths a yard of each with a fall banner for the kitchen in mind.  I'd been wanting to do something with burlap, especially for the fall as it feels autumn-ish to me, and I found a perfect match for my banner.  I also picked up some with a rooster print and plan to make a curtain for the kitchen with it.  Some day. 

So from this...


to this...


This project isn't necessarily difficult - it's just time consuming.  Maybe that's because I can't sit and work on it.  There was laundry, food, kids, laundry and running in between.  At one point, Anna was helping out by handing strips of fabric to me.  She kept trying to give me burlap, even after I told her it would be awhile before I needed another burlap strip.  She accused me of not being in the spirit of burlap.

As a side note, Allie and Emily have been working with burlap in their art class at school.  (Anna has a different art teacher.)  Allie brought home a placemat, that she's been using as a blanket for Eeyore.  I have to say that I've been impressed with the art program at their school and I'm not really an artsy fartsy type of person.  I think it's good to be "cultured" though.  Purple is often referred to as violet and Allie went into great detail the other day while showing me one of her paintings that was abstract art.  Her words, not mine.  So, yes, back to burlap.  The girls are quite fascinated with it.

As I was working on the banner, Allie spied some scraps and asked for a piece.  Grammy made Elmo a Halloween bib last month and today, Allie decided to make him a fall-inspired bib.  I left her on her own until she became frustrated, and then I stepped in.  I showed her how to make a pattern and allowed her to use my good fabric scissors.  She picked out and cut the ribbon for the tie herself.  I had her sit on my lap as I sewed the bib onto the ribbon, explaining the steps as we went along.  She'll be an expert seamstress in no time.





Whitney said...

Love your banner! And "in the spirit of burlap" is hilarious! Your girls come up with the cutest things to say!

Sarah said...


Jennifer said...

Your fall banner is adorable! So sweet with the bib making…you might have company with sewing before too long!

Anonymous said...

Anna cracks me up! The creativity of the girls combined with your skills makes me think they'll have the coolest clothes/costumes/etc as they get older.