Thursday, November 21, 2013

Days, weeks, months, years...

Thursday nights are my Friday nights.  The end of the work week for me.  I actually won't be returning to work until December.  It may be weird to say but I feel like the month is over.  I have a countdown of sorts going on in my head and I hate it because I feel like I'm wishing time away.  Time I'll never get back.  And while there's good at the end of the countdown, I need to stop OCDing and be in the right now, not the future.

We've had a challenging week with Anna.  Or maybe it's just that Anna's had a challenging week.  And Allie has had her moments.  It comes and goes in waves and I know that soon enough this will be the past and we'll be faced with another new phase.  I'm all too familiar with the phrase "this too shall pass."  Thank goodness next week is a short one for school as I think we all need a bit of a break, something different from the typical day to day.  Emily and Anna spent a good portion of the weekend playing together in the basement.  Sunday afternoon, I reminded Em that we would be back to the daily grind in the morning.  "What's the daily grind?" she asked.

Some weeks, days melt into days and all the while, my babies continue to grow.


Next week is sure to be a full one.  I'm excited to be able to volunteer in Anna and Allie's classrooms and Emily's class is having a small play/recital thing that Rich and I will both be attending.  AND I have a ton of sewing and crafty projects to get going on.  I purchased some unfinished wooden doll beds and furniture that I need to paint when the girls aren't around because, well, it would sort of ruin the Christmas surprise if they saw them.  I plan to sew sheets and pillows as well but I'm imagining that that project shouldn't be very time consuming.  (Famous last words.)  Except that I don't have the fabric or other supplies yet.  But first, I have turkey skirts to finish because Thanksgiving is almost here!


Anonymous said...

how tall are they now and how much do they weigh?

still little pip squeaks?? hehe.

they have grown up so fast!!


Sarah said...

They are, Erin. Em and Allie are around 43 inches. Anna's about an inch - inch & a half shorter. I think they all are finally over 35 pounds. Not to 40 yet.