Friday, November 22, 2013

I wanna go too!

Emily was invited to a "glamour" birthday party last weekend.  While separating the girls at school has had its pros, there certainly have been some cons thrown in there.  Like different homework assignments.  And different field trips.  Having their own friends is nice and something that the girls have commented on liking.  They also seem to know half of all the first graders now because they've been in separate classrooms all along.  The one huge disadvantage to this, however, is when one of them is invited to a birthday party alone.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I don't think all three should have to be invited simply because they are triplets.  Sometimes the other parents don't even know that they are triplets and even if they did, they are under no obligation to invite two extra kids.  

For this particular party, Allie and Anna were quite upset that they hadn't been invited too.  This may have been due in part because it was something different, something glamorous. From the outside, it seems like it should be easy enough to explain to them that the party was for Emily's friend but when almost every aspect of your life is shared, and you're only six years old, that's a pill too big to swallow.  The concept of having separate identities at school is appealing to them but we can't forget that they've been together since birth.  They don't know what it's like to be the only child, or the oldest or the youngest.  Multiples are different.    

Anyway... Anna and Allie got over it, especially after I told them to glam up Daddy.  Sure, boys paint their nails all the time.  I'm sure Daddy would love a manicure.  And Emily was quiet but enjoyed herself and her new look.



We stopped at LOFT (I still want to call it "Ann Taylor Loft") on the way home.  I desperately need work clothes but left empty handed once again.  The petites section seems smaller each time I visit.


6 going on 16.


Anonymous said...

Love the upside-down braid! I would be a cute "do" for holiday parties too. Was it hard?

Sarah said...

It didn't look hard - just an upside down french braid with the end wrapped in a bun. I haven't yet tried to recreate it.

Stacy said...

We struggle with this as well. I have boy/girls twins in the same class and it seems the girls have more "all parties" and the boys tend to invite everyone. My son gets hurt feelings. I agree that a child shouldn't have to invite a sibling just because they are twins. The only time I kept them both home though was when a girl had a boy/girl party and only invited my daughter (my son AND daughter were both in the bday girls class). I would have preferred she didn't invite both kids.