Monday, January 6, 2014

Why being a triplet is so hard.

Someone landed on my blog a few weeks ago after Google searching "why is being a triplet so hard?"  Well, I'm here to tell you why.  The answer is quite simple:  Being a triplet is hard because triplets have to share almost everything.  It all starts in the womb, where they fight for space and sometimes nutrients.  They share the same birthday.  They share toys.  They share the first day of kindergarten.  They share friends.  Life events, like losing your first tooth, become a competition of sorts.  (By the way, Sharky is still holding on strong.  The dentist said her situation isn't a big deal.  The baby tooth will come out and all will be fine.  Except for the fact that her teeth are pretty crowded.  That baby tooth is much looser but still hanging in there.  She's actively wiggling it now.  As is Rich.)

I like to save vacation days for the end of the year to use around Christmas.  Working Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas is a special sort of evil, in my opinion.  My company has a use it or lose it policy when it comes to vacation days and because I was extra busy this year, I ended up with quite a few days to take off in December.  Which was somewhat intentional.  Rich and I had attended curriculum night at the beginning of the school year and at that time, it was announced that in December, the music classes would be holding an "open house" during the school day so the parents could come in to hear the kids sing and see what they had been learning.  That all sounded fine and dandy but December began and there were no announcements or confirmation of dates for the open house.  I had tentatively scheduled all my vacation days except for one, which I was saving for the open house.  Upon realizing that the girls have music class on three different days of the week (Duh! Why didn't I think about this earlier?), I lost sleep one night.  How am I going to make this work so I can attend all three?  Then information came home regarding building gingerbread houses.  All three classes were going to be making little gingerbread houses and all three were asking for volunteers.  I should have taken the week before Christmas off from work.  Or placed them in the same class.

Thankfully, Emily has music on Friday, which was my scheduled day off.  I was able to shuffle around my vacation days and take another two days off that week.  As it turned out, Allie's class built their gingerbread houses on the same day as Anna's music open house so I was able to volunteer in her class, which she was super excited about.  (I'm still making up for missing out on her October 15th field trip.)  Grammy volunteered in Anna's class for her gingerbread house building and Rich was a surprise guest reader in Emily's class that week, so they all had something special in addition to me be able to watch them all sing.

(I should note that because I commute in and out of the city for work, I can't just pop into a mid-day event at school.  Working from home isn't an option either.)

I asked the girls what's hard about being a triplet.  Here are their responses:

Emily - "Because it's so hard sharing American doll stuff."

Allie - "Fighting for Mommy's attention."

Anna - "It's not hard."  She quickly changed her answer - "Because you have to sleep with Allie and I want to cuddle with you."

Being a triplet can also be super awesome too.  A fact I remind the girls of all the time.  They always have someone to play with.  Even though they aren't in the same class, their sisters are right across the hall if something happens.  And just wait until they're in high school and can share clothes.  Triple the wardrobe!


JEN said...

I wish I could work for home. It would make me a better employee and a better mom. I only have a 17 min commute each way, and I really respect the long days you put in.

I love that your girls have each other. No one can ever take that away. They are a wonderful blessing.

cara said...

Honestly, I think being a sibling is hard just like being a parent of multiple children can be hard. All of your struggles you listed are the same things my children have to worry about. It's just life with more than one child.

Sarah said...

True, Cara, that there is some overlap with multiple children but your children don't share the same birthday or didn't all start first grade on the same day. Singletons were babies at one time by themselves. Although you may have been caring for older children, they too were once babies by themselves.

Anonymous said...

Your girls seem very well adjusted which speaks to your awesome job of raising them to appreciate each other etc. Our ID twin girls love each other 99.9% of time but everyone needs a break now and then! I think if our five older children were asked they would say the twins are the lucky ones lol!

Carrie G. in MN said...

I love reading your blog and hearing your thoughts on raising the girls. I have so, so much respect for you. I'm a single mom (by choice) who adopted a baby girl from Guatemala nearly eight years ago. I also work full time outside the home. I know our lives are very different, but I love reading about yours. It's easy to tell what a great mom you are and how much you (and your husband) love the girls. :)

Sarah said...

Holly - most of the girls' friends say they wish they had identical sisters. My girls just look at them like they're crazy. lol

Carrie - thank you for the kind words.

Cindy said...

I have twin fraternal girls who are now 5.5 and a 9 y/o girl. It is different being a twin (or other multiple) than it is having other siblings. They do have to share everything. There is very little one on one time with them and they don't have any special days that are just theirs. They love each other fiercely, but fight fiercely too. My older one always says she wishes she was a twin because it's great that her sisters have a sibling the same age - that is until she really thinks about it and decides it's better being a singleton :)

MCox said...

Not only that, but you also have to fight to be seen as an individual, ie, not always grouped with your sibs for everything. I read a great book on that:

Jess @ said...

Haha...yea, being a triplet isn't easy at all. I feel bad for mine when they all want the same toy or Mommy! The toy, we can always get another one, that is a different story.