Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Frozen Tundra

The Blizzard of 2014 blew through here Thursday and Friday.  I had only been paying attention to the predicted snow totals and not the temperature so I wasn't quite prepared for the freezing cold on Thursday.  I wasn't wearing my warmest gloves and my fingers were actually throbbing by the time I reached the train station Thursday night .  (I have a 10-15 minute walk from my office.)  We normally don't experience an Arctic cold when it snows.  One of the weather forecasters commented that he's never seen temperatures so low during a storm here.

The predicted snow accumulation for our town was 10-15 inches.  Although, the 15+ zone kept creeping up and over close to where we live.  I think we only ended up with a foot, which really isn't a big deal.  The snow was powder-like so it blew around and drifted like crazy.

Thankfully, I was home on Friday so I didn't have to worry about walking around Boston in that mess. School was canceled for the girls but because the temperatures were so low (zero to ten degrees F), they were forced to stay inside.  Rich snow-blowed the driveway Friday morning and headed off to work.  Our street wasn't plowed until 10:00 or so.  At that point, I went out and cleared the end of the driveway, which only worked out because I had just run so I was heated up.  (I don't last long in the cold.)  Grammy was stuck here Thursday night but managed to drive home late Friday morning.  My parents live in a coastal town but on a hill so flood waters will never reach them.  The roads around the base of the hill did see some flooding with this storm and I know there was some significant flooding in other coastal areas.


It warmed up to about 25 degrees on Saturday so I bundled the girls up so they could enjoy the snow for a bit.  I gave them 30 minutes and they were all inside before that.  I was out there for about 5 minutes and that was more than enough for me.



(Deer were eating our bushes.  See all the hoof prints.)

Definitely not as spectacular as the Blizzard of 2013.  I love a good storm but not the danger and destruction that go along with it.

We were at Target today and I was quite surprised that the bathing suits were already out.  Talk about pushing it.  When I need bathing suits in July, I'll find the snow boots we need.



Danielle Reed said...

Amazing the difference half a world makes! Whilst you are freezing, over in Queensland, Australia we are sweltering! Saturday was our hottest day on record, reaching 49 degrees Celsius in some parts (120.2 degrees F.) I see your photos of snow, and would love to dive into the snow for a cool down! I saw a funny little thing on Facebook the other day . Something about "we aren't going to school today. It's a snow day........ Said no Australian ever"... Haha.

Pink Apple Rose Boutique said...

Snow is beautiful to look at fresh fallen. Experienced some of that when I lived near Seattle. Now in Southern California, I only see it if we go to the mountains. I love your photos!

Anonymous said...

I live just outside Toronto Canada and we had a massive ice storm right before Christmas. Our power was out for five days, but a family friend's was out for seven. Temperatures were as low as -35 Celsius (-27 Fahrenheit) and still are. We have the same thing as Danielle Reed. Our schools have never had a snow day. Your pictures are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Danielle - Wow! I like heat but that is incredibly hot.

Anon in Canada - ACK! that is way too cold for me. I hope no pipes froze at your house. How awful to lose power.

As for snow days - a few years ago, a student was killed in a nearby town walking in the street b/c the snow banks were too big to clear the sidewalks. One of the reasons for school closings is to ensure that the sidewalks are cleared for kids to be able to walk either to school or to/from bus stops. In the past, it seemed like plows were out all the time. Towns now wait until the last minute to plow - to save $$ I suppose.

Kandice said...

Beautiful photos! Have you changed anything about your blog recently because I can no longer read it on my iPad or iPhone where I normally read blogs. The site just keeps crashing right as I'm in the middle of it, and I really love your blog! Have any advice?

Sarah said...

Hi Kandice - Flickr, where my photos are housed, changed something last week and my photos were being shown differently in my blog posts. It was driving me crazy b/c it made everything so slow. Thankfully, it appears to be back to the way it was. i only have 1 post with photos the new way now and it's on the 2nd page so my main page should be loading up as it was. If not, let me know.